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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Well I just cleaned my extremely messy studio and just changed a few things around as I went.... Also what a day of wonderful parcels in the mail... I LOVE home decorating books and magazines but I am pretty choosy about what I like.. Today I received a book that I bought through Amazon called Found Style by David and Amy Butler (first three photos)... So lovely.... There were so many pages I just loved.... Anyway this will probably be my last post till we get back from the beach next Tuesday but I will be here till Saturday morning so drop by and say Hi!!!

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  1. What a lovely blog you have! I am really enjoying your pictures:)
    Love Chatrine

  2. Just beautiful yet again Cathy - I love the pic with all the little dresses/pettycoats hanging up. Your new book looks lovely.

  3. dearest Cathy,
    I love how you've changed things,always so pretty-
    and your new book,too.
    everything looks wonderful there,

  4. You always have the sweetest vignettes in your home! They look like they belong in your book! :)

  5. Hi Cathy...love this post!

    Happy time at the beach!


  6. Hi Cathy, What a great idea to recommend the books that inspire us.I have also featured a Vintage book that is divine on my post, that way we can all share so much more of the things we love. Thankyou for the good idea, and have a lovely break. Lynn xx

  7. Eye candy, indeed! I love your style and your photos!

  8. I have to go and buy the book; very inspirational photos!!

  9. Just beautiful, Cathy! Just looking at your photos and your lovely studio makes me feel relaxed and calm. Your vignettes at home could be in a book of their own!

    Beautiful colors, soft and soothing. I love to visit the Norwegian and Swedish Blogs, they have the same comforting look as you do.


  10. Cathy Louise, when can I come to your house and look at all your pretties in person? Can I email myself there? Someday...
    You have fun on your trip, you deserve it!!
    love ya ooooooooooo

  11. Thanks for the lovely eye candy. I really like your sense of style.

  12. Hello! I found your blog through French Garden House and I am soooo glad she shared it. Your style is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks so much for the inspiration :)

  13. Cathy Louise ~ There is such a lovely, sweet serenity to your blog. Love your photos and shoppe.

  14. Your home and studio are lovely. I going to check out that book.
    I love your blog.

  15. Love your blog. Your studio space is so pretty. Such soothing pics.

  16. Wow! Definitely a book I need to get my hands on! Beautiful pictures! But do you know what? I think you should make a book with pictures from your own home. Because what you have shown from it here in your blog is simply gorgeous!

    Love Jeanette

  17. Such pretties!!!!!!!!!! Jennifer


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