Happy Birthday my gorgeous boy!!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Well here is my very happy birthday boy... My little Andrew turned 11 today... Where did all that time go... These photos I just took after him opening his presents... Very, very blessed to have such a sweet boy in my life.......

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  1. Dear Cathy Louise, He is precious!! Look at that smile ~ they are truly gifts from God....I love your blog by the way and have been reading for quite a while. Your work is incredible! xxoo, Dawn

  2. Happy Birthday Andrew! Eleven is a wonderful age - may life be great for this handsome young man.

    Cathy Louis, your photos are just lovely - thanks for sharing views of your home and your beautiful designs.

  3. Where does the time go?
    What a handsome young man and such a lovely family you have Cathy

    Happy 11th Birthday Andrew!

    with love from your family from Oregon,

  4. Andrew!! 11 is a wonderful age - you look so much taller than the last pictures I saw of you!I'm so happy that you are such a good boy for your Mum. It sounds like you had a very special day!! Happy Birthday, dear boy!
    love ya, Katie

  5. Happy Birthday to Andrew from Trondheim in the middle of Norway.
    I really enjoy your style. I think you would like the Norwegian Magazine called "Vakre Hjem og Interiører" on the link http://www.vakrehjem.com/.
    I have enjoyes my visit on your blog, I'll soon be back!

  6. Happy Birthday Andrew!! - the meaning of your name is "warrior". I have a wonderful brother called Andrew and his birthday was on Tuesday of this week. Two very special "warriors".

  7. Happy Birthday Andrew! My son had his birthday yesterday. But hes only tree now. Fun age eleven. Nice site you have!

  8. Happy birthday to your son. There is something so special about boys. I have three and they alway stay close to a mothers heart. You are truly blessed. I love your blog!

  9. Awww...how wonderful for you to have such a sweet and now 11 year old big boy!! I totally understand the "where did the time go" part...it really does go by too fast.

  10. I'm blessed with a happy, lovable 11 year old too.
    He's handsome just like yours!

    Hope he had a Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday, Andrew! He looks like SUCH a sweetie! :) hugs, cheryl


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