An Update - My plants are starting to grow...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Hi everyone
Well I just wanted to show you a couple of photos of my outdoor area now the rosemary has started to grow into a sweet little hedge... I think we decided on the weekend to stay in this house for a while.... My hubby has a very busy job and I don't think he is really ready for a big renovation and I think also the thought of selling this place after all the hard work is just too hard for him so it looks like I will have to find some more walls to paint and lots of re-arranging to constantly keep a smile on my face.... Work is so busy at the moment, I must say it has been an amazing year... Anyway need to tuck my kids into bed now and do some more work... Bye for now...................

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  1. Hi Cathy,
    So you are bussy are you. Well, that sounds great and positive. I am so happy for you that this year has been so good to you :)
    I am bussy myself, but now i have a few days without any big commitments, that`s a good feeling! Your outdoor space are looking so inviting, and i enjoy seeing pictures of the countryside.
    The chairs looks so french! I love anything French :))
    Love you new Banner!
    With my best wishes for a good and positive week,

  2. Love the new banner. At first I thought I was on the wrong blog. Such a pensive look on the girls face. Isn't it wonderful when the plants start growing and you can see how nice it will look when it all hedges up. Sometimes it is hard to leave a house after you have put so much of yourself into it. Good to see a new post after so long. Take care.

  3. SO pretty Cathy. Rosemary is such a good,quick growing,hardy hedge that suits the French feel so well. Lovely to see the green grass in the background and this just adds to the charm of your lovely outdoor room,
    A happy day to you,Angela.

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  5. Hello Cathy
    I got 'Romantic Homes' brilliant article fantastic.
    What super garden furniture, very Shabby Chic French, love it.

    When your Rosmary is larger you can dry your small pillow cases over it and they will capture the wonderful fragrance.
    Have a great week Cathy
    Lynn xx

  6. That little hedge looks lovely Cathy. You've inspired me to plant one. I already have 3 small plants that I grew from cuttings. I'll have to try a few more if I want a hedge. I leave them in water until they take root, then I plant them out into pots.

  7. Hi Cathy, So lovely to see the green grass in your photos this time. Your outdoor area is looking so nice. Your house is always so lovely in you photos - I know the extra space would be nice but I am sure you will continue to make the most of your lovely home.

  8. what a gorgeous place you have and green grass...your rosemary hedge is really coming along. I can imagine the scent of it on a lovely late summer evening with your candles lit.

    some day my friend...

  9. Cathy, what a lovely place to enjoy your family and friends! And the rosemary will add a little sweet scent. Just perfect.
    xo Lidy

  10. That is beautiful. I love the rosemary hedge!

  11. So lovely to read about plants and gardening when my own garden i sleeping, the snow has begin to fall and it´s about 4 month to wait until it will start to wake up again... :-)
    Take care!

  12. Hi Cathy!
    Your Rosemary hedge looks just lovely. Very inspiring in fact... I want to plant a little hedge at the country house and I think Rosemary will do the trick. And I love the smell.....and it`s my favourite herb too.... so what could possibly get wrong. Thanks for the inspiration!


    PS Love your new banner!


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