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Monday, November 19, 2007

Hi everyone
Well these photos were taken at 5.30 am this morning... I am suffering from the flu but wanted to update my blog before another busy week started... My garden, even though we have been here for 17 years is still pretty young but slowly things are starting to grow... The hydrangeas and violets were planted when we finished our pergola earlier in the year.... I have also taken a photo of the side of our house where we have planted a small grove of apples, pears, nashi pears and a white mulberry on the end... We get really bad westerly winds (hot and cold) here and this little grove will hopefully protect us a little better from those one day... The last photo is taken off the deck outside my studio... Hopefully this countryside that I love stays for a while longer before progress of new housing comes.... Have a great week....

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  1. How lovely. Hopefully as you say, it will be a long time until new housing comes and ruins your lovely view.

  2. Everything looks so nice Cathy. Your garden design and plant selection add even more charm to your already very charming house. I can't believe the growth on your fruit trees! Did you happen to see the worm this morning you early bird?! Lovely time of day in your part of the world.A big smile to you, Angela.

  3. What a good idea to use fruit trees as a windbreak. Great photos.

  4. Looks like Spring has arrived where you are dear Cathy Louise! I love hydrangeas ~ my very favorite. Please rest and take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon! xxoo, Dawn

  5. What a lovely sight to wake up to, Cathy! What peace and serenity. Hope you get better soon. It was lovely of you to think of us and send those lovely pictures to share.

  6. Beautiful flowers and trees. It's lovely.

  7. Everything looks just lovely, Cathy. What a wonderful view you have of the Australian countryside!

    And hydrangeas are my very favorite, we have planted so many in our garden, as well as in pots. They are such a gorgeous flower, aren't they?

    Take good care of yourself, dear!

  8. The pictures are pure eye candy...love those flowers!! I do hope you feel lots better soon.

  9. Hope you feel better soon, there seems to be quite a bit of sickness around. The pictures of your home and garden are once again beautiful.

  10. your home & gardens are so beautiful...the rosemary hedge and fruit trees.
    it all looks so very Cathy.

    lets hope that the houses all grow somewhere else or at least that they all have beautiful gardens for you to gaze upon.


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