Decorations in my lounge room

Monday, December 03, 2007

Hi everyone
Just thought I would share a few photos (sorry they aren't the best) of my lounge room.... I don't do a huge amount of Christmas decorating but just like to add a few touches... This year we have 2 real trees (even though they are tiny) I wanted real ones this year... It is nearly 10 pm here in Australia and I am a little tired so will hopefully write again soon....

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  1. Wonderful,wonderful clear and soft....Looks very nice in your Christmas home ;-}

  2. oh Cathy, What a beautiful and serene home you have...perfectly wonderful.
    I love that wee babe in the Christmas cornucopia...
    your olive tree is lovely with the candles floating in the batter bowl...lovely lovely my friend,

  3. Cathy, these photos are beautiful. There is just something about floating votives that just warms my heart. Thanks for sharing!

    Charm & Grace Blog

  4. Cathy, as always - just beautiful. Peaceful & simple - perfect.

  5. Cathy, everything looks stunning as always. You are a super inspiration and wonderfully creative, your posts always lift my spirits.
    Take care , rest is good
    Lynn x

  6. Absolutely beautiful! It is so cozy and serene looking. I love your style!

  7. Cathy, again you have done a beautiful job, I think the adage less is more is a great one, wish I could follow it a little more myself! Adore the little tree in the enamel bucket.
    Alicia ~ time worn style

  8. Hello Cathy
    I love the images of Christmas at Cathy's! So very beautiful to behold.
    Wendy Wainwright xx

  9. Sooooo beautiful.... :)

  10. Oh Cathy that was so lovely. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful room. It was a while since I visited so I read, and read and read. It`s a treat to see all the lovely things you make and read about your life. Since I`m a Christmas freak I enjoyed seeing your decorations. I agree - less is more. Overcrowded is nothing for me so your pictures were a great inspiration. Will visit you soon again my friend!

    Lots of love

  11. Your decorating is so pretty. I love the white, so soothing!!

  12. Cathy, it looks so peaceful. Thanks for sharing your loungeroom decorations with us.

  13. Hi!
    Lovely photos! I like much of your things, wish i had them!
    hug from Beth

  14. wow, everything is so beautiful. Thanks alot for sharing with us and giving insperation. I love that wee babe in the Christmas cornucopia it is soooo sweet.
    Greatings from Norway.

  15. It's all so beautiful. It glows!
    Love your style and will enjoy checking your blog regularly.
    Merry Christmas and HELLO from Texas!

  16. Good morning Cathy,
    Nice to visit you again :)
    Your loungeroom looks so beautiful!
    Oh, I really like your choice of colours, so calm and nostalgic. Love the picture of the lights that are floating!!Such a good Idea, WOnderful...
    I recently decided to make a few changes in my home. It has been a bit too white for a while now, and after receiving and reading the last issue of Country Living Uk. I want more colours in house. Not just that, but a change of decorations as well. Caroline Zoob is a great inspiration, you know here don`t you? I love the colours that she uses. Reminds me of those you use.
    I hope your days are good. Yesterday I visited Angela and she was talking about how perfect the weather was and how much she enjoy it. I am shure you have the same feeling?
    Take Good Care Cathy!!
    Kiss, Aina

  17. Beautiful ,beautiful,picture's these have filled me with inspiration thankyou......
    Best wishes

  18. Your lounge looks beautiful dressed for Christmas ~ I love the little tree in the enamel bucket & all your hand crafted items.

  19. What a wonderful home you have. There is something about a home decorated in creams and whites that is so fresh and soothing. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  20. Everything looks so peaceful and gentle.The colours are soft and comforting.I must ask the maker of the darling little angel in the paper cone.
    I hope everyone is feeling well and that you enjoy your upcoming holiday.

  21. Everything looks so pretty Cathy! :) I just love your style with the muted colors and well worn wood.

  22. I love your Blog, GREAT pics, GREAT home !!!


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