Rearranging, Painting, Organising ETC!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Last minute jobs before heading to bed.... I am taking the kids to the coast for 5 days tomorrow and I just wanted to drop by with a few little photos of what I have been up too.... I have a new (but old) kitchen table made from an old door out of my grandmothers house before it was demolished.... Will show some other photos when my kitchen is a little tidier ... I have also painted 2 more walls in my laundry Chalk USA and I LOVE IT!!!!! Next a sweet little chest of drawers I have painted white as well which is the start to a major organising job in my studio.... I need to be so much more organised this year so I am trying my hardest to make everything look pretty as well as practical... Anyway I am without a computer now for the next 5 days... Hope everyone has a wonderful week as I know I will.....

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  1. The table looks fabulous. Love the glass dome.
    Everyone seems to be trying to get organised this month.
    Have a great holiday.

  2. Have a great week Cathy, I just love the table, stunning
    Lynn x

  3. Go Chalk USA by Dulux, its just the perfect shade of white ,l've painted all my wall in my home with it. l plan to tackle the kitchen cupboards next.l enjoy your blog and photos.Love your style of deco. Thanks Kim

  4. I am so glad you are going away for a little sea holiday! I wish you and your family just the best of times, dear Cathy.

    Your home and photos always look restful and serene.
    xo Lidy

  5. Hi!
    so much lovely pictures you showing us today!
    Wishing you a lovely time with your family!
    Hugs from Beth

  6. I just love the kitchen table -
    how special it was once part of
    your grandmother's house!!!

  7. Getting organised is high on my agenda too! Wish I had you`re lovely table and cupboard to help me get started. I have SO wanted a cupboard like yours in my workroom. It would do the world of difference for my creativity...

    Inspiring pictures as always!

    Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

    Lots of love to you my friend!

  8. Hi,
    What a beautiful blog, I really enjoyed your photography, Excellent!

  9. It looks absolutely gorgeous in your home Cathy! I so love that table! How wonderful to recycle an old door. I have seen similar table before, and I was then thinking, what a good idea!
    And also the little chest of drawer that you painted white. I really need something like that for my creative room as well. Now it is a total chaos, again. My table is a bit to small for everything really. I have books, needlestuff, my sewing machine,boxes and other small bits and pieces. And not forget all my sheets with ideas and notes!! Ah..I get tired just thinking about it :))SO you see, I really need that old French cabinet that I have been searching for for a while now!

    I hope you have a great holiday with your kids. Take care Cath and see you soon!
    Hug from Aina :)

  10. Hope you have a wonderful time :)
    Your pics are just sooo lovely...the door as a table is really wonderful!! I know how you feel about the "more organized this year" as I've been really trying to do the same. The purging of all unnecessary bits I really don't need but have held onto for wayyy too long is also feeling really good as it frees me up space for what I really love and also gives! :) Can't wait to see more of your inspiring pics of your studio.

  11. I love your blog. I found it through Romantic Homes. I just started blogging, so I will be back!

  12. Beautiful, Cathy!!! I just love love love your kitchen table!!! Absolutely lovely!!!!

  13. Enjoy your coast time, wish we had warm weather here!

  14. I just looove the table, so beautiful! hugs, Mia


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