Slowly getting organised

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hi dear friends
Well I am still working on my studio but it is pretty much done now... It still feels like it is missing some things like some sort of wire display to hang charms on and I would also love some old wire baskets (which you really don't see here in Aus)... I would still like to paint my hallway before I go back to work but will see what time I have left....I have work orders coming in already but won't start those till the 4th.... The kids go back to school next week - YUCK!!!! It is so nice having them here, watching movies together, going shopping etc I will miss them heaps... Anyway I have a tiny wee house so the Chalk USA colour that I am painting most things is really helping it feel less cluttered.....Anyway I hope these photos inspire you just a little...

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  1. Cathy your studio is looking absolutely gorgeous. It is such a shame we can't get the old wire baskets here in Australia.
    You will certainly miss having the kids around.

  2. Oh Cathy! Your photos inspired me more than a little. Lovely! I love all the different shades of white you have....and the way you display your items is just beautiful! Making your own wire baskets isn`t so hard to do. And great fun! Do you want me to mail you some "How to do`s" ? A warning though, you get very easily addicted....and then you will wake up one day and notice that you have too many wire baskets :-)

  3. Just beautiful as always - it's such a good feeling to start the new year and be organised. I think it makes everyone in your home feel prepared for the year ahead too.

  4. I really like your interior, it definitely is inspiring. I'm only just starting to appreciate white...

  5. Inspire a little?? Oh wow I think a lot!! It all looks so scrumptious...I am painting (actually re-painting) a studio wall in the a.m. and I can't wait! I just adore the look of each pic you posted :)

  6. Oh my!!! You have so beautiful pictures in here...
    I really like your style :)

  7. love these photos of your studio! my favorite is the one of the reflection in the mirror.

    pretty, pretty studio!


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