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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Firstly I need to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend Angela...!!!! She is one the sweetest, people I know....!!!!!Well I have decided to start a series of before and afters from my home... I have to tell you once again we live in a TINY little railway cottage. We have been here for nearly 19 years (later in the year) and I love it still... My studio is obviously the space I use the most so I thought I would start here.... This room has changed so many times (sometimes on a weekly basis) so I just thought I would show some major changes we have had.... Some photos I am nearly embarrassed to show but anyway they are all part of the journey ....The first photo showed the room with a built in strange cupboard and there used to be a bed on top... with yucky carpet.... then I painted it off-white with a green trim and polished the hardwood timber floors, then we removed half the casement windows and added french doors (I would love to paint these white soon) and a wonderful deck to the back yard and I painted it mustard.... I was a stitchery designer for several years so you can then understand the picture in 2001... Now it is painted chalk USA (my favourite paint colour) I SO love my room now but still many changes in the future as my house is a constant work in progress.... Winners of Anniversary Draw tonight!!!!!!!

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  1. Love the way it looks right now! Such a pretty pallette. I love seeing where you create all your beautiful charms and other treasures.
    xo Lidy

  2. Ooh soo beautiful ... incroyable ..afters so lovely !

  3. Hi hi!

    The 'changed on a weekly basis' is something many of us can relate to!

    I love the way it looks now! A serene backdrop to all your projects... Looks like you've taken an inspirational trip to Sweden!!!

    hugs :)

  4. I love to see before/after pics of peoples favorite shot is the one of your studio today. It is such a wonderful welcoming space so prettily put together :)

  5. love it right now - it is so serene and peaceful! great job!

  6. How fun to see the transformation of your studio space through the years! The white palette you have now is so lovely, makes the space look so much bigger and at least to my eyes, more welcoming! I love the Chalk color paint!

  7. It's always such fun to look back at our old photos and see the changes we have made in our homes.

  8. It's amazing how we change,it make's you wonder about the next five years!!!
    Well everything you do is lovely, so it may be different in a few years, but we know it will always be beautiful.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  9. he he.. It`s funny how we change our dreams and expectations for how we like our home to look isnt it !?!

    I love your studio just the way it is right now - have i looked at it in the 90s, i would just loved it back then... Wonder how we all love our homes to look in 10 year...

    Thank you for sharing your blogg, i`m a daily gest. (sorry for my bad english, i speak and read it - but im terrible to spell it)

    Hugs from Denmark - Maria.

  10. I loved the prim look but I now LLLOOOOVVVEEE the 'French' look!!! xxxRobby

  11. Your house is so beautiful, it's pleasure to visit each week for a peak! I love before and afters, funny how we all change thru the years. Isn't it fun to look back!? I live not too fsr from you I think and my home is 110 years old. It's been completely renovated and I'm looking forward to receiving information in the next few months from the lovely people who renovated my house to see how it looked in the past. I can't wait and I hope I am still living in mine in 19 years! It will be fun to look back in a few years to see the changes. Our blogs are such a fantastic way to keep a history of it all!


  12. Awwww, I love it as is. We moved about two years ago and I left behind a studio w/ bright pink walls and color EVERYWHERE and ended up in a cottage in the country and chose a serene pallet of cream, ivory, and black. It is still a work in progress, but I suppose that's always the case! I've enjoyed my trip to your blog.


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