Forever Changing - my memory board

Monday, March 17, 2008

Well work is so very busy at the moment and I just want to paint a wall or move some furniture or do at least something so I rearranged my memory board the other day with images and words that I love.. These photos have turned out a little dark I am sorry as there is a lot of reflection coming off the clippings from the magazines... I hope you all like my new banner as well, another little change to keep me smiling... Anyway amongst my orders that I have at the moment I am also working on some special Mothers Day charms ...... Will have some things for sale on my Shoppe blog hopefully very soon.... Will be heading to the coast for the 4 days of Easter and when I return I will be a little older (giggle!!!!)...

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  1. very lovely,
    have a happy birthday Cathy.

    love, C

  2. Cathy I just love your taste!! Your memory board is full of beautiful, inspiring photos ~ it's so good to surround ourselves with what we love. Enjoy your Easter trip and have a very happy birthdsy!!! I wish you many more ~ xxoo, Dawn

  3. Hallo,
    ohh what lovely pictures from your home on our blogg (sorry for my bad english ;)

  4. Mmmm enjoy your Birthday break.
    Love the memory board

  5. The inspiration board looks breathtaking, we want to have it all. Enjoy your days this eastern till later than. yvonne

  6. Thanks a lot Cathy!! Hearing those words coming from you means a lot, owning to the fact that I adore your little world! I have been looking at your pages and your work a few times today, and just today it inspired me a lot. No wonder that you also get inspired looking at your memory board. I really should make one myself. I have a huge pile of pages that I have been ripping out of magazines. They are all over the place :))

    Enjoy your Easter trip and have a wonderful Birthday!!

    Big hug from Aina

  7. Lots of beautiful things...very inspiring :)

  8. Hi Cathy, I love you memorie board! Very elegantly done I must say.
    Another thing I love is those tag off to email you now lol
    Siobhan xo

  9. Forgot to say, love the banner...really nice!

  10. oh oh you have so beautiful pictures and furnitures.I'm so happy that i wound your blog!!!
    I will come visiting again!

  11. Hi!
    Your memory board is beautiful...filled with inispiration!
    I really like your blog :)
    Take care
    Mia (from Sweden)

  12. Guess what I got in the mail today!!!!!!

    WOW! That little, extra surprise you threw in was just gorgeous!!!
    I love white roses!
    It even had an 'I' on it!
    My chin just dropped!

    Thank you soooooo much!
    I got your lovely gift, and beautiful snowfall on the same day!

    The magazine's a real treat. I agree on favourite pages. that white home's really something... (But I'd prefer your home if I had to choose!)And the ocean of lavender...

    Considering it travelled half way round the globe, it's amazing I finally got it!

    Have a good Easter.
    Lots of hugs
    Ingela :)

  13. Hi Cathy,
    i just found your blog buy peeking at your shoppe blog,i love your inspirational boards and your cottage its so filled with character and oh so gorgeous! love love your blog
    Judy x

  14. oops,Happy birthday can you email me your postal address,
    Judy x


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