Hallway in progress

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Well this is my tiny hallway I painted it a few weeks ago now... Three of the walls used to be a mustard colour and now they are Chalk USA.... I would really love to paint the other wall but as you know by many other posts my dear hubby is sentimental about the fact that they are 121 year old and have never been painted so he doesn't want to break that tradition so I "try" to work around it.... I am thinking about finding some old ornate architrave to put around the edge of Andrews door way (the timber door in the hallway is to Andrew's bedroom another project ahead of me later this year)... and I want to get a small type chandelier light fitting but all good things come to those who wait.... Work is very, very busy at the moment, which always makes me smile, I have to pinch myself some days when I get yet another wonderful order...

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  1. Oh you have lovely pictures all the time! :)

  2. Beautiful! I don't think I would be able to resist painting all the wood. .. Well maybe not all of it, but most of it! I love the hallway...

  3. I think the brown wall gives your hallway a unic and very special character. It is beautiful. (So I'm on your hubbys side. ;-))
    You have a very nice blogg and I so enjoy visit it. Your photos are lovely and your artwork fantastic. And it is exciting to be able to follow your life, so far away from where I live, in Sweden.
    Lots of hugs from me to you. :-)

  4. Cathy I love the way the hallway looks. Your photos are beautiful.
    Chalk USA looks so fresh.

  5. Beautiful pictures of your home Cathy, thank you for sharing them with us.

  6. Don't know of this house was in your family for years or if it is just an old traditional house you bought BUT Mr Hubby!!! we are living in 2008 now and traditions are there to be broken once!! Why not leaving a small part of it in the old colour Hanging some pictures of the old house, the surrounding or the people who lived in it on that old musterd coloured part... make it a spot that springs out of the chalk white hall... so your husband can have a look at it now and then and remmber it in aan honored way instead of leaving it musterd yelloww.... I do love the little old white cabinet in your hallway ;)

  7. my kind of blog, beatiful...
    hugs, magny~~

  8. oooooooohhh!
    you have a wonderful blog!
    i LOVE it!!!!
    greetings from germany,

  9. You house looks fabulous - it always seems to have beautiful light. It's 121 years old? What type of house is it? I get the sense of a beach house - maybe originally seasonal and then converted to year round? Or maybe that isn't acurate with the weather where you are.
    Anyway, as an old house enthusiast, it looks wonderful to me!


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