I love old iron beds

Monday, May 05, 2008

Two of my favourite things, this soft colour of blue and something that looks aged and well loved.... This is my tiny bedroom... I like this section but the rest I really don't like yet so I wont show you photos till I do... It was a long weekend here so I actually painted my tiny little hallway. It has a slopping roof that is timber and one wall that is timber and the 3 other walls I have painted chalk USA... This section of the house is so hard to photograph as it is so dark but when I work out how to decorate it I will show you some photos... The wooden walls drive me mad but my hubby doesn't want me to paint them so I am trying to keep the peace.... I think I am going to cover one section with a huge mirror but not sure yet... I was going to put the book shelves in but when we started, it didn't look right... So many decisions to be made!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Love the bed - what a great chippy blue color! I am sure whatever you do in there it will look lovely!

  2. Such a wonderful room ... !!!
    I just looove the colours !!!

  3. Your photos brought back memories of my whie iron bed i got when I moved to San Diego from NY, wish I still had it, love the blue better. I am a new blogger and I love your blog, your daughter is lovely!

  4. your bedroom is so serene and pretty.
    I love your old blue bed -as you well know -the blue cupboard in the corner is perfect, it really catches your eye.
    that lovely linen striped pillow is perfect,
    do I see a pretty little paper girly there..
    xo,dear friend,

  5. Love the colour of your bed.
    Your home is so peaceful and calm looking.

  6. love the serenity of your decor!

  7. Hi Cathy!
    Your bedroom is lovely! And I SO love your bed! Would like something similar in my country house but they are rather hard to come by in Sweden theese days and terribly expensive!

    Have a lovely day!

  8. Your bedroom is divine, such a serene, inviting spot! The bed is so incredibly beautiful, I love the colour and the details and everything about it. It's difficult balancing two differing tastes sometimes, especially when one feels so passionate about it. I'm sure you will find a happy medium somehow!

  9. what a gorgeous bed and the colour is so pretty,I'm also using blue in my room, okay give it up....Im too in love with it:)x

  10. I am very fond of Robin's Egg blue which is very similar to the blue of your bed. I'll tell you one thing - it looks very comfy. It looks like a great place to be on a rainy day!

  11. What a nice color on the bed... lovely turkos and the iron-bed with all patina...

    Have a nice week & Hug!

  12. What a beautiful home you have!!
    -And what a gorgeous bed you´ve found!! The colours in your bedroom are so peacefull...I just love it!!

    Have a nice day!!


  13. What a wounderful blog! I love all the pictures!

  14. So beautiful ... love your bedroom !

  15. Hi, I found my way over here via Lilla Blanka blog. What a lovely bed. That powdery blue is just perfect. Definitely one of my favourite colours :-)

    Sunny greetings from The Netherlands,

  16. I love your bed! So beautiful...hope you are sleeping well in it every night, friend.

    Xo Lidy

  17. That´s a really lovely bed you´ve got! My dauhgter has got a similar one, but in white...
    Nice blog , I am really curious of what country you´re in? I looked around for some clues, but couldn´t find anything. But by looking at your picture I´d guess american or maybe australian? :-)

    Anyway, have a great weekend!
    Take care!
    Hanna in Sweden

  18. How beautiful Cathy, a place of serenity and simplicity.I am partial to that shade of blue as well, somewhere between robin's egg and Mennonite blue.A colour to encircle you with comfort and the joy of home.

  19. I enjoyed your beautiful blog.


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