Just mucking around!!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Well I was just playing around with my camera and just thought I would share... I love looking at images on other peoples blogs, that is what draws me to them, so I hope you feel the same about mine... Fresh flowers in a home look so special I think and my old white bowls are a central part of my decorating style....PS Behind the door on the dresser is where my TV hides.....

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  1. Cathy I love the roses.
    Great hiding spot for the TV.
    Have a great week

  2. So glad you shared your "mucking around" photos - they are beautiful.

  3. Cathy, I would love any photograph you would post ~ your taste is just wonderful! xxoo, Dawn

  4. just love the cupboard, especially the all white crockery.

  5. Just mucking around hey? That is exactly what I have been doing today....except outside. The photos are beautiful....as always!
    Hope you are feeling much better. Love from Angela.

  6. I always read your blog to see your beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them.

  7. Hi Cathy!

    Thanks for stopping by and for leaving me a couple of footprints!
    Oh dear, I have been working so hard lately, have been forgetting checking my mailbox. (the old one)
    I did see that you asked for an address, but the truth is that I don`t have any yet! Yesterday we may have found a new place to stay, not permanent, but for a few months. I will send you a mail as soon as I have more information about it!! And I will send your parcel as soon everything has arrived Norway. We are leaving Holland within 4 days and our stuff will be delivered approximately 3 weeks later. Lots of juggling! I will be very happy the day when everything has it`s own place again and I can enjoy my new home :)

    And how are you? It sounds like the two of you have a lot of work going on.I just visited Sadie and she told us about you working together. How fun!

    I love "mucking around" with my camera myself. It is very fun indeed. You told us about your love for textures and shapes earlier on, and that`s the first thing I notice myself. Interesting how thigs looks like through a camera lens.

    I so love your surroundings, I have to agree with your other visitors. Love your taste! I recently found a few old bottles, I thought about yours right away. I couldn`t forget about your beautiful collection. And specially the green ones that has a place in your window.
    And your bedroom with that old Iron bed, it is so beautiful!!! I just bought and old Iron bed myself, I won it at an public sale. I am so incredible happy about it because it is almost 100 years old (you can`t even tell) and it is French. You see, we both love the same things :)

    I have to go packing now, but I will visit you as soon I am settled again. Take good care, and see you really soon Cathy!

  8. Dear Cathy! Lovely as always! do keep on mucking around....it gives us so much beautiful things to lay our eyes on! And lots of inspiration too! Thanks for charing!

    Lots of love

  9. Så underbart! = So wonderful!
    I learn u some Swedish :)
    // Joa

  10. You have a nice blog. I'll think i visit you a lot more.
    Beautifull dresser.

  11. Beautiful photos!
    You have a very nice home, love the cupboard.

  12. good evening cathy! yore pictures are wonderful, lots of hugs // lotten

  13. Your roses are beautiful, and I love your new blog header collage. Very lovely. I always enjoy coming here and seeing what beautiful things you have to display.



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