Shades of white

Monday, May 26, 2008

Well you know me and white and every shade of off-white, cream and ivory - I love them ... These gorgeous paper cones I move from room to room. My dearest friend Christe Crocker made them for me for Christmas several years ago and I just can't put them away as they are just so beautiful and I think the photos of the old buttons speak for themselves.....

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  1. Cathy no wonder you can't put Christe's cones away, they are gorgeous.
    So many pretty buttons and so many shades of white.

  2. Hallo!
    I do love all "Shades f white" from warm to cold...

    Last weekend i was on a fair as a exhibitor with an interior all in with shade in linen,wool,siden & cotton and funiture in dark brown (Karl-Johan)and flower appleblossom...and in my linen dresses are botton of sea-shell...
    Botton are so beautiful,old ones...

    Have a nice week!
    Hug / L-Lott

  3. beautiful buttons and beautifully photographed - the cones are just gorgeous too.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful paper cones and so worthy of being on display all year round:) Rachael

  5. so lovely clolours!
    i feel inspired...THANK YOU!!!

  6. My two favorites, buttons and shades of white. I know its why I love your blog so much.
    What sweet cones. Oh so delicate.


  7. beautiful photos, really. I also love all shades of white, they never tire me and they give such peace.

    enjoy your day!


  8. Cathy, I've had a box of my dear Grannies old sheet music tucked away forever. Thanks for sharing your beautiful paper cones, now I know exactly what I'll be doing with them on the next rainy weekend!

  9. oh my, I love them,too...they traveled thousands of miles and to know that they live with you is so very nice.
    everything is so very lovely altogether.

  10. beautiful your pictures !
    Have a nice week !

  11. They are lovely to look at Cathy, but I know they mean so much more than how they look. They are a bond of friendship, a creation of beauty passed in love from one good and loved friend to another, you are both so very lucky to have each other.
    A fabulous post thankyou, for sharing.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  12. I discover your blog, white, white, white, it's so beautiful, I 'll return, bye

  13. Hi Cathie Louise! Excuse my bad English! I'm Italian and I've found your blog surfing the web. It's very beautiful! You have so charming atmospheres in your home!
    I live in Tuscany and I share my hobby (home decor) with my friend Paola. Sometimes we go to France to do shopping in the flea markets and in fabric shops. Many greetings from Italy! Ciao!

  14. I have missed taking the time to visit your calming, dreamy posts. The buttons, the cones, beautiful! Like your heart, friend.
    xo Lidy

  15. the cones are so lovely. beautiful post


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