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Friday, July 11, 2008

I LOVE glass cloches, just beautiful!!!!!! and the lovely soft texture of seam binding in soft shades of sea blue and off white.... The end of the holidays are nearly here and I have a lot of work a head of me in the next few months... I want to get some sweet little shutters for my doorway and paint my floor in my studio (if my DH lets me) and change the photos on my inspiration board and start to plan my Spring and Christmas range of charms...So many delightful things ahead....Please drop by and tell me what you are all up to......

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  1. Blogger just ate my first comment to you!! So, I love cloche's too - they are hard to find though. Thankfully I finally tracked one down and love displaying my pears under it. Your photos and displays are always so beautiful and an inspiration to all of us. I received my copy of Romantic Homes in the mail yesterday, you project is beautiful once again, congratulations Cathy.

  2. What a beautiful photo, lovely!

  3. Hi Cathy love the cloche. It looks wonderful with the seam binding and the cute little oil can.
    Look forward to getting my 'signed' magazine!!

  4. Beautiful picture! I love cloches too (and seam binding ribbon for that matter) - the colors you have are lovely!

  5. what a lovely cloche I'm off to see what ebay have for me!- love the bias tape too I have a lovely pile of rolls of ribbons and it makes me smile when I see them- just like you simple things small joy!

  6. Gorgeous picture! I love cloches too. Such a great chance to be creative.

  7. love your vignette cathy! we love the same colors!!
    my girls have LOVED getting to know your precious sweet girl.
    what a blessing you both are to us!!
    big hugs dear friend

  8. Hi!
    My name is Sussi and I'm from Sweden, just found your blogg and love it.
    Have some questions about your charms, do you mind giving me your e-mail?
    Regards Sussinorberg@ahoo.se

  9. Hey Cathy...your beautiful photo looks so pretty on our new laptop!
    YAY!!!Love ya, Angela.

  10. Love the photo. Is it sheet music on the bottom? have you done it yourself? How?

  11. Dear Cathy!
    Haven`t visited for some time and had some lovely reading before me. Your posts is a treat as always! And very inspiring!

    I love cloche`s too! And like to change my display from time to time.

    Looking forward to read about all the interesting things you have planned ahead!

    Take care!

  12. What a pretty vignette, Cathy. It's still hot here, and summer is in full swing. Going to the Markets for Christmas and other buying next week.

    I'm so glad you are having a lovely holiday, your photos of the beach are gorgeous.xo Lidy

  13. Oh you sound like you are going to be so happily busy! I just have to say that the photo of your 2 children (on the side bar) is just beautiful. You must be so proud. A-M xx

  14. Hi Cathy, Just wanted to write & let you know that I chose you for an award on my blog!....Heidi XO

  15. Such a lovely post Cathy, relaxed me just looking at the pics. I think the charm of the cloche lies in its shape - so tactile & languid.
    Millie ^_^

  16. Hello and nice to meet you! I discover your lovely world thanks to a Swedish blog, or was it a Danish one? I don't know anymore. But I just know that I like your pictures and stories! :D
    I love those blue and white shades as well; they remember me of the sea. I'll be back here and I would like to invite you - maybe tomorrow - to join the party at 'Something White'; but I still have to write a post about that :D
    So, hope to see you. Bye and greetings from Belgium,


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