Cool display tree

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Well I spotted this tree when on holidays just over a month ago but it was a little out of budget for the business. This week I saw another one at a local home wares shop and they were a little cheaper so I couldn't resist...I am going to leave it this colour at the moment but will probably paint it white eventually knowing me... The charms hanging on it was an order heading off to Norway.... Wish I was going with them.....

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  1. Beautiful tree and beautiful charms. I have seen trees similar to yours in Sweden too and also craved for one. Made my own out of a tree branch that I found at the beach and painted white. Not as nice but it will have to do since I am keeping myself on a "NO unnessesary shoping" budget right now!


  2. Hi Cathy, you sounded very wistful in your post about going with your charms. I must say your charms do get to travel to some rather gorgeous parts of the world, it's a pity you can't transport yourself and deliver them personaly, now that would be a treat for all of your hard work. My treat is to get to see all the lovely and creative items you make, they are so beautiful.
    Hugs Cathy
    Lynn xx

  3. gorgeous tree! Hope you are well, me, I'm so looking forward to fall and winter.:) It's so strange, isn't it, that we have the opposite seasons!


  4. BEAUTIFUL! I am one of the priveleged few that gets to see all your beautiful things in real life.I never know what awaits me when I arrive in your little room of creativity and inspiration.Your company is such a treat Cathy. Love to you, Angela.

  5. Beautiful and lovely !

  6. Hi, i just love your blog and your talent. i chose you to receive the brillante weblog award. please, do visit my blog for further details.

  7. Cathy I can't believe that things have been so hectic here that it has taken me 2 days to get to read this post. Love the new banner and what a fabulous tree!
    Have a great weekend

  8. what a wonderful tree!!
    your charms look great on display!!
    the creamy color is yummy but white would be gorgeous too.
    hope kirstie's party was awesome!!

  9. Your patience is something to be admired Cathy - I'm rather impulsive so I must take your lead & learn to resist! It obviously pays dividends, the tree is gorgeous.
    Millie ^_^

  10. Oh, how exciting:)) Maybe some more stuff, needs to travel to Norway;)

  11. I have just found this because I was doing a search for a tree to display my goods at a craft market. I had already found these and know what you mean about the price! You are lucky to have one.


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