Spring Break

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Well this is the last week of school term and it has been an extremely busy one so I am going to take some time off with the kids and finish off some orders I have had sitting here for awhile... This year is just skipping past so fast and I must say I am not at all prepared for the Christmas rush.... Anyway a few new quotes for the week... Take care my friends...

Friends -
surround yourself with people who believe you can.....Dan Zadra

Share -
Somewhere someone is looking for exactly what you have to offer. Louise Hay


Remember when you were at your best? Now be there again -
William Patterson

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  1. enjoy your time with those precious children

  2. Enjoy your Spring break. I haven't been blogging for nearly 3 weeks - life just gets so busy sometimes.
    I am off on a weeks break to Tassie next week so I hope the weather isn't too cold over there.

  3. I love your quotes!! Take care and enjoy some familytime!


  4. What beautiful sentiments! I love it. I also am in love with those paper wrapped pencils in that glass. Beautiful images!!

  5. Enjoy ;) The picture you are showing is well at my taste simple white pencils in a glass! luv it.

  6. Enjoy your break, the holidays come around so fast! I am just in love with your pictures and white/creams makes me want to eliminate all my colours here. Mel xxx

  7. Hi Cathy,
    I just wanted to come by and thank you for all the inspiration you give. I haven't had the time to blogg so much lately but I sometimes come back to my favourites. Thanks to a post on your blog about "Country style" I contacted them and now have the enormous pleasure of seeing my photograph in that lovely magazine.

    Hugs Mari Eriksson from Sweden.

  8. Hi Cathy enjoy your time off, I'm sure you've worked hard and it's well deserved! I thought of you this morning as I was playing with a couple of your charms..displaying them around my house in different places...it was fun! x x

  9. Thank you for sharing your beautiful blog... I am especially touched by the quotes you have... a couple of them ring so true for me right now.

    Have a wonderful day!

    p.s. Your jewelry is lovely! Hope I can shop from you as Christmas is just around the corner!


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