Pretty Roses!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wow aren't these roses gorgeous!!!!! Picked them up from my favourite rose farm on Saturday to brighten up my house a little... I have them in an old glass jar, placed inside a lovely big white bowl sitting on a very old green chair against a white door....It is really hard to take a photo as there is too much sunlight coming through the door but it looks very nice.... I have changed my tiny little wee cottage around a lot over the last few weekends and so want to take some photos to share but nothing is turning out how I want it to.... My little off-white picket fence is started and it look so cute....I love it...!!!! I promise to get some more photos of my house up soon.... Lots and lots of orders keeping me a very busy girl....

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  1. Gorgeous....just love your style! Cherry

  2. Hi Cathy I have been away and missed some of your posts. What beautiful roses. We really need a photo of what you put in words - it sounds so pretty.

  3. Oh Cathy how gorgeous, especially the third photo. Roses are my favourite ... looking forward to the photos. Love Ingrid xxx

  4. Those are perfect!!!

  5. I love those roses! It would be awesome to have a rose shop around here. Our local flower shops are nice, but... Anyhow, as I believe I may have mentioned before, I love your blog! Beautiful!

  6. Gorgeous flowers. You are a lady with fantastic style. Can't wait to see pictures of the work you are doing on your home.

  7. Pretty roses in a pretty house. It looked so gorgeous in your home yesterday Cathy. Always fun to see what you've done. Love Angela.

  8. Goodness, they're gorgeous! You have a way with your camera! A-M xx

  9. wow...they don't even look real!
    sweet friend,i was thinking of you today & feel out of touch.
    please do share more know us kindred spirit blog faithfuls will love them!
    wore a charm were in my thoughts.

  10. Hi Cathy,
    Lovely photos! You are such a good photographer. Was great seeing you the other day. x x

  11. Hi Cathy!

    Long time, missed you!
    Such wonderful images that you are sharing, the flowers are so very pretty! Roses are one of my favourites too, perfect for sharing, giving and decorations.
    Looking forward to see photos from your home, in my eyes you can`t do anything wrong!

    I hope you are having good happy creative days!

  12. Great images!

    I am celebrating my 100th post. Please stop by and enter my giveaway.


  13. So beautiful, I swear I can almost smell them!

  14. there is nothing like fresh flowers to brighten our homes,have a great weekend x

  15. It's wonderful that such delicate beauty can evoke such powerful emotions. Such is the glory of the rose.
    Millie ^_^

  16. lovely blog, lovely photos....i enjoy to discover your world ...i will come back soon...

  17. Just discovered your blog - have read it from the beginning to the top all in one go. Your photography is beautiful and I loved seeing the photos of your lovely home and your work, but I particularly enjoyed your quotes and thoughts.

    Thank you

    Catherine xx

  18. Oh Cathy please tell me you would make these lovely roses into a charm?
    xo Susan

  19. Found your blog today via the Brown Button and had the most delightful time cruising your posts. You do put forward the best images of life in QLD. Thank you for sharing your creative inspiration.


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