Road Trip

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Well Kirstie (photos we took on her mobile phone) and I took a road trip yesterday to Brisbane (the big city LOL!!!) to pick up some light fittings for the house... We had a lovely time with the music blasting and singing and chatting and getting lost and of course having a nice hot chocolate and cake at a little cafe. While poor Andrew and Geoff finished the pailings on the front fence. I have spent a few more hours today painting my front doors and just doing some house work.... Definitely not enough hours in the day at the moment.... Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!!!!

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  1. I love how you and your daughter are great friends! My 13 yo has been awful the last few months so i am hoping there will be a change soon as we used to be great buddies. Mel xxx

  2. Cathy what a fun time for you and Kirstie. It is fabulous that you have such a great relationship with her.
    How wonderful it will be when the 'boys' finish your fence.
    Don't forget to show us some pics. of your lightfittings.

  3. That is so nice. I love the fact that you left the men to finish the fence!
    I have left a award on my blog for you.
    Ness xx

  4. Cathy, I agree there are never enough hours in a day to do all that we would like ... but every moment spent with Kirstie is just so precious, and to leave the boys behind is just so cool ... and very special for them too! Hugs to you my dear friend ... Ingrid

  5. It sounds (and looks) as if you had a wonderful trip to Brisbane:-

    Have a great day

    //Gunilla i Singapore

  6. I've enjoying reading your beautiful blog! Thanks for letting me peek! Karen

  7. How fantastic you were both able to share such a fun time together!

    I think if ever we were to embark on a similiar trip it would probably end up along the lines of one of Chevvy Chase's Vacation movies! Our mob has some 'interesting' personalities & I reckon they would all appear on a family road trip!
    Millie ^_^


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