Why do you have a ladder in your lounge room????

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am constantly asked by people why do you have a ladder in your lounge room????? and basically I say WHY NOT!!!!! I so love this old apple picking ladder, it is huge and so full of character. I also have a larger old mirror on my sideboard now made from a gorgeous old frame.... Anyway I had the electrician here for most of the day yesterday putting up new light fittings and we are finished except for a bit of a problem in the kitchen, which is annoying but he is a wonderful electrician that actually cares about his clients which is so lovely!!!! Loads and Loads of work to do, I am so very behind....

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  1. I would say 'because it looks great'. Your ladder is lovely and fits in with your beautiful home.
    Have a great weekend Cathy,
    Ness xx

  2. That's easy Cathy, you adorn it with your beautiful things ... Ingrid

  3. I think old ladders are really great...i have some in the garage an have always intended doing something with them like you...maybe one day...

  4. yes you are right WHy not!

  5. Love your blog, beautiful photos and fun to read.
    Have a good day..

  6. Of course you have ladders in lounge rooms. I plan to get my cabinet makers in once the wall sheeting is done so we can scheme high bookshelves JUST SO I can have a ladder! Your home is just gorgeous... it has an almost ethereal quality to it. I can't wait to see your lights... maybe I can steal some ideas from you... you know how I am struggling with light choices! A-M xx

  7. I love the ladder. I have one too. An old one from my grandma. I have it in my bedroom with a lovely hanger covered in silk and a beautiful blouse...

    Love your blog!

    Have a nice weekend!
    Lina, in Stockholm, Sweden

  8. what a gorgeous vignette & i love the ladder!!
    of course i do, as i love all peeks into your world

  9. The ladder is beautiful! It fits with what I have seen of your home. Thank you for sharing little peeks.

  10. And you are so right why not!!!
    I love it!!!

  11. Dearest Cathy! Today I had mail!!!! I large and lovely envelope...what could be in it ??? My youngest daughter had been circling around it all day and phoned me twice on my cell asking me when I was coming home. And finally I did and we opened it. Oh joy! The charm, the journal, the little lace and the buttons - so lovely! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will do a post about it really soon but wanted you to know that I got it!

    Lots of love to you my friend

    PS I have a ladder too....

  12. i think your ladder looks great-and your doing your own thing-jo

  13. Kathy I just love your cottage and your blog. Thanx for sharing Marilyn

  14. exactly!! why not?!!! right answer there.

    take care

  15. I have a ladder in my living room! It was original to the house and how the children got into the 2nd story to sleep at night. Needless to say there is a staircase these days, thank goodness!!

  16. who needs to have a reason for decorating the way we do - as long as we love it, right?
    the ladder and all your pieces put together look wonderful.

  17. Just delightful as usual dear Cathy. What a find your electrician is - you need to hold onto him tightly & never let go!
    Millie ^_^

  18. Cathy what a great looking ladder.
    Love the mirror too!


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