The end of another chapter!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well my sweet little boy graduated from Year 7 last night... It was a wonderful night..We had the best time and for once I didn't cry which is always a bonus...At one stage of the night all the graduating students gave their family a red rose and of course a big kiss and hug but I sucked the tears back...As I am still fighting this terrible flu I fought through it and even got up for a dance of the time warp and the YMCA at the end.... I am so proud of the gorgeous boy he is, he got his report card today and that made me cry (lol)... This is part of the comment his teacher wrote about him "
........he has a true sense of wonder about the world and I hope this curiosity and thirst for learning stay with him for many years to come.......

To me that says it all.. Andrew will start High school in late January and a new journey will begin.....I am one very blessed mummy!!!!!!!

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  1. A special time, each moment a memory,in the events that mark the right of passage our children travel. Congratulations to your son.
    Beautiful decoration in your last post!

  2. Cathy what a wonderful comment by Andrew's teacher. No doubt about it, he will have a wonderful life.
    Hope you are soon feeling better.

  3. How proud you must all be of him! (and he has great parents) Congratulations, what a wonderful comment from the teacher, one for him to cherish. Enjoy the holiday, sweet friend, and hope you get 100% better soon.
    xo Lidy

  4. wow, you can be proud!! what a joy to know that your son is doing so well.

    and I just read about your cottage coming into the magazine, good for you, how lovely is that!!?

    have a great day,

  5. You must be bursting with pride Cathy! Congratulations on doing such a great job!... what a special comment from your son's teacher! A-M xx

  6. Oh, so lovely pictures...


  7. What a really great compliment to Andrew...and to you! You are a gret Mum to your little kids (who aren't so little anymore!)
    Get well soon! It isn't any fun having the flu!

  8. What a very special Teacher Andrew had. Positive & heart-warming comments such as these can only serve to enrich his life in so many ways. Bravo to you all & on to new & exciting adventures next year.
    Millie ^_^

  9. I would've cried too Cathy...I just do it so easily. How rightly proud you are, gorgeous pics of the special night...hope you're on the Ingrid

  10. Congrats to your son, they grow up so fast.
    I wonder if that Australian Country magazine will be available here. One can never get enough of your lovely charms and peaceful home.
    xo Susan


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