So HOT!!!!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Well as I sit here eating a little crunchy apple off one of my tiny trees before the parrots make a meal of it, I just wanted to show you a view from my clothes line.....As I have told you I am not much of a gardener but I do love pretty gardens... The polls in the first photo are awaiting a swing, something I have always loved since I was a kid and still at every chance I get go for a swing in the park... We are having temperatures in the high 30's at the moment and I must say I really don't enjoy it... Kirstie is off at the movies with a friend today and Andrew is helping his dad in the shed, restoring a little, tiny cupboard with 12 tiny drawers to put my charms and things in...I will post photos when it is finished....

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  1. As I sit here wrapped in a blanket wearing two sweaters, it is hard for me to imagine you in such a heat!
    I agree, swings are wonderful.
    I look forward to seeing you cupboard complete.


  2. Yes hasnt it been hot!! We had friends for a swim yesterday who came at 12 and didnt leave till after 9 !! I love your swing, would love one myself - another thing to add to my list for 2009. Hope you have a great year Cathy, Mel xxx

  3. Your own paradise - very pretty. It has been warm here in FL as well, doesn't feel like the holidays. Happy new year!

  4. Strange to read about the heat Down Under! We have a lot of snow, and I like it, but love to think about a new trip to Australia again. Have been there twice in february,-and I can feel the heat....

  5. This weather here in Aus is weird. This morning we put the heater on, then come lunch time were all hot and got sunburnt.
    I love your pergola Cathy. Is that wisteria you are training up it?
    Ness xx

  6. What a beautiful spot Cathy! It looks so peaceful... a sanctuary. Coping with the heat - airconditioned rental! ... but what's with the rain? I am being totally selfish whingeing about the rain, only because I am building. If you'd have told me a year ago that I would need wellies to get onto my block, I would have laughed. I am laughing I suppose, I have ruined at least 3 pairs of shoes. I used to love the sound of rain... I will again I suppose! A-M xx

  7. Happy New Year, sweetest Cathy! I wish you all joy, love and laughter for this new year.
    xo Lidy


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