What a day

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well what an exciting day....The beautiful magazine arrived today and oh wow it is so exciting.... Here is a link for a sneak peak (in the contents page, A charmed life 46). The photo above was also taken on the day of the photo shoot by the amazing photographer Jared Fowler.... Australian Country Style has been my favourite magazine for a very long time. I feel totally blessed to be a part of the March Issue.... Will draw the lucky winners tomorrow as today I spent dancing around the house listening to Taylor Swift and really just taking it all in....Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my last post it means so much....

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  1. I took a sneak peek at the magazine and it is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations! I'm going to try to get my hands on a copy somehow, for sure.

  2. Hai Cathy,

    I checked out the magazine, its beautiful! I like the picture you used on your header of you daughter.
    How lucky are you!
    Greetings Anita

  3. Thanks for the "sneak peak" link Cathy! I love how you have used one of the photo layouts as your new blog banner pics :-) It's wonderful.

  4. Hello,
    your Blog is GREAT, please visit my Blog ... ;.)
    Have a nice Day ...

  5. dearest Cathy,

    what a beautiful photo~ I can't wait to see the rest.
    you must be over the moon!

  6. The article looks absolutely wonderful, how exciting!! So glad you posted a sneak peek!

  7. ..Wish I could have bought the magasin here in Norway...Your new banner is beautiful....thanks for your mail...lovely... Hugs ;)

  8. Cathy - just sensational

  9. I went and got my magazine yesterday, was so excited as I read the article on you....beautiful photography....beautiful house.....beautiful family!! Proud of you x x

  10. You so deserve to be excited Cathy - Beautiful home, beautiful magazine article.

  11. Hi Cathy got my issue last night and I have put a post all about it on my blog. It's gorgeous - congratulations. Sandy x

  12. Cathy,
    As soon as I dropped Declan off at school, I raced to the Newsagent to get my copy...it didn't dissapoint. Gorgeous, lovely, divine, beautiful.
    Mic read the article and also loved your house, ladder, school work bench, dining table...even he thought it resembled our home. BTW, we ar nicking your front pathway idea for our place. Hope you dont mind.
    Ness xx

  13. Absolutely gorgeous!!! The photos are stunning!
    Thanks for the link - I´m not sure I will get the magazine here.
    I love your new banner!

  14. Oh Cathy, it's fabulous! You must be bursting with pride. Keep dancing.. you deserve it! A-M xx

  15. Your beautiful house has worked it's magic big time here in Stirling Cathy. After excitedly telling MOTH about the CS article, I came back into the room to find him plonked in a chair reading the article before me!

    What a sight - all 6'6'' of him in his grotty work clothes, complete with 2 day growth of stubble, a beer in one hand & carefully balancing the Mag. in the other!! He said to tell you he loved it & so did I! Believe me, this will be the only time CS ever comes into his hands, back to the Footy Times for him!
    Millie ^_^

  16. Gorgeous photos - I will have to head out now - That's one of my favourite magazines.

  17. HI Cathy, had to drop by to congratulate you on your magazine feature. We have been away from home hiding out for a bit due to bushfire threat so finding the magazine whilst filling in time today was a real pick me up after a rather harrowing time. Thankyou!
    Alicia :0)

  18. oh, Cathy! How beautiful. I took the sneak peek and loved it. It was so sweet to see your whole family, too.:) Your home is just as lovely as you are.
    xo hugs, Lidy


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