A shoppe of our own - the journey continues

Friday, March 13, 2009

Well yesterday was a big day for me (and for my friend Angela) as we said yes to opening our little shop....Our friends Sally and her husband Steve are one of the sweetest couples I know and have so much drive, determination and love in there hearts, really the decision to some degree was about that....I know I have had loads of email about the pitfalls of business and how you make no money and you could loose friendships etc.... but my business has never really been about how much money I make it has always been about trying to put a smile on someones face and make the prettiest little package imaginable... So for me this shop, I hope, will in some way change the way people look at there homes and think of it from the heart instead of by the pocket.... Yes you do need money in life but more importantly, you need family, home and love.... My dear sweet Mum from a very young age taught my siblings and I that it was very important to smile and to make others smile.....so that is the legacy I am so trying to keep going!!!! My dear hubby Geoff and my gorgeous kids will be a wonderful part of this journey with me and with Angela by my side, I know I can't go wrong!!!!!

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  1. Congratulations on taking the plunge! I think you have the best attitude and philosophy about the whole thing.

  2. Oh Cathy this is so exciting for you and Angela. Your Mum was one special lady to intil those life values in you and your siblings. You certainly do make the prettiest little package imaginable, with delightful treasures inside.
    Family, home and love are definitely the most precious things in life.
    Good luck to you and Angela. Can't wait to hear more of this fabulous journey.

  3. Oh, congratulations, Cathy! I can't wait to see your dream bloom into a full fledged reality - I know it will be a huge success and very special.
    You have such a beautiful spirit, and it will show in your store, like everything else you touch. :)
    xo Isa

  4. Oh Cathy, how exciting! Your shop is going to be breathtaking. You have a beautiful, warm heart... good things will come to you. A-M xx

  5. Congratulations Cathy, I am so excited for you both (and me!!) I am glad I live close to where your shop will be. Exciting days ahead in your planning and setting up. I know it will be a wonderful success for you both.

  6. The best of luck to you in your new adventure.


  7. The first thought that came to me when I read your post was, "Oh, what fun!" You and Angela will have the kind of shop where we would all like to hang out, as indicated by your blog.

    Best of luck in your adventure!

  8. I wish you nothing but wonderful success. I too have a boutique and I love it.

  9. Hi Cathy
    That is just so exciting...
    I must pop in once you are open when I am next in the area.
    Home, Family and Friends are
    definately the most and important things in life. I wish you and Angela every success.
    Take Care

  10. Even though I was one of the many people outlining the pitfalls, I
    do wish you every success, joy and happiness.

  11. Congratulations Cathy on making this hard decision. Your journey will be wonderful and how lucky you are to have someone by your side. The best of success to you. Look forward to hearing all about it and when you will be opening. Sady xoxo

  12. Hello Cathy!
    First of all I want to say that your blog is beautiful...
    And good luck whith you and your friends new shop!

  13. Good luck I am sure it will be a great success

  14. Congratulations, dearest friend. Because your heart is in the right place, this shop will become a sweet place, a haven, to all those who come there. I am thrilled for you!
    xoxo Lidy

  15. What an exciting day and I know how fabulous it will be. We will all want to visit, xv.

  16. That´s just great! Congratulations and the best of luck to you both!

  17. Congratulations! I wish much success and health!

    Everything is good!


  18. What a wonderful Shoppe it will be Cathy. You are such a loving and infectious person (in a good way) that it can only hold great things for you all.
    Ness xx

  19. A shop of her own - at last !
    A dream of her own - now reality !
    A smile on her face - the journey continues !
    Congratulations Dear Cathy and Angela - your family and friends are right there behind you. Every success and happiness in your new venture. Love WendyW XX

  20. Congrats! Take it from someone who has owned a store. There are trying times and pitfalls AND I loved it! xo Joan

  21. precious cathy, you will succeed....succeed in touching the lives of others & blessing each one who comes in contact with you...financial success is icing on the cake:)
    you know i'm so proud for you i just can't contain myself!!
    big hugs coming across the pond

  22. Ooh, congratulations! Sounds like an absolute dream! I'll be following your journey in the new phase with great excitement!

  23. "Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." --Martin Luther King Jr.
    The warmest of wishes to you dear Cathy on this exciting new beginning.
    Millie ^_^

  24. Wow Cathy...A Shoppe of Her Own...I know how much you have wanted this from the very first time I spoke with you on the phone that day!!! Congratulations...and every success to you...love Ingrid xx

  25. How lovely - I will check it out immediately! :) Good luck for you!


  26. I congratulate you on giving it a go, I hope it all works out wonderfully for you.
    Cheers Linda

  27. Hello... :)

    What a lovely blog you have...!!! :)
    I will definetley come back here...

    *--- Take Care ---*

  28. Fantastic, Cathy!
    I can't wait to go on this journey with you and your friends. I love everything you do. I have no doubt that I will feel the same about your shoppe.


  29. Your blog is just beutiful!!!
    And congratulations to your new shop, how exciting!! I wish i could visit it one day!!!

  30. Congratulations Cathy! What a wonderful journey this will be. I can't wait to come up to HIghfields to check it out.

  31. That is so exciting! Hope your shop is everything you dream it will be. I'm sure it will be lovely and unique.

  32. Congrats on the new shop adventure.

    Lovely blog banner it is a great introduction to your space.

    Am in the middle of a move and unpacking too many boxes, thanks for the wonderful posts full of inspiration and possiblities.

  33. What lovely exciting news!
    I must follow your journey.
    Your thoughts about the future is so nice to read as is your philosophy of life!
    What wise words from your mother, imagine if everybody could smile a bit more!
    The world would be so much nicer!

    We are currently, me and my mother,( and the rest of the family cause everybody has to help out!) working on our new place...
    I`ve had my business for almost 12 years (flowers and interior) but it is time to move to a new but old house now! (We bought the place!)
    It is so exciting, but lots of hard work and we all know times aren`t the best!
    But once you believe in something there is no turning back...
    Isn`t that what life is all about?
    To move forward and try to make dreams come true!

    My daughter is 8 years old and her dream, and it has been so for all her years, is to work for me in my shop! Now that I´m doing something that makes me proud I can say to her honestly "yes that would be lovely if she still wants to when she`s older".
    This is my dream...and you are welcome to take a look, but so far it is mostly "before" pictures. But the place has potential!
    Lots of love/

  34. I am so happy for you! I hope your venture is a huge success! I admire your style and think your customers are in for a real treat.
    Many blessings to you!

  35. Oh congratulations and best of luck to you both :)

  36. How exciting!
    Congratulations to you both!

    I´m looking forward to "follow" the shop!

    Have a nice day!// Camilla

  37. Good for you!!! You follow your dreams and make other people smile. How beautiful is that.

    Lots of luck.

  38. Hello!
    This is my first time here and iam so happy for you letting your dream come true!
    Now i have to take some time to read more....
    I´ll be back!

  39. Oh Cathy - I am so thrilled for you and Angela as you launch into such an exciting new adventure together. Many, many blessings to you both, and your families, as your bring your dreams to life. I love your philosophy and look forward to being infused with that atmosphere when I visit your shoppe! Barbara

  40. Have a wonderful Birthday! 43? You are just getting started! Enjoy the day!
    lamaisonfou blog

  41. Cathy, you are going into business for all the right reasons. You had good parenting. Hope your birthday was a good one and you have many more. Enjoy your new shop, it is nice to love your work and have family and friends involved too. Blessings, Sandi


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