thank you - I am so lucky!!!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Well I am sitting on the phone waiting for a telstra customer service person to activate a new mobile phone as I accidentally put my through the wash last week - OOPS!!!!....So as I have been waiting for 40 minutes (lol) thought I could use my other hand to drop by and say Hi!!! and thank you for the amazing response to the article....I actually feel very humbled and still need to pinch myself that it is real... This photo above is another image taken by Jared Fowler on that wonderful day showing the area my hubby loves so much of the raw hoop pine that is 120 years old and never been touched and also one of the light fittings I just love.... Drop by and tell me what you think....

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  1. Love it Cathy, as usual! x x

  2. The pine is incredible. I can see why your hubby loves it so much.. the warmth that comes from it is so welcoming...sure hope you got your new phone..:-)
    hugs ~lynne~

  3. The pine is so beautiful. And so is your blog. I just found it and will be back very often. Congrats on appearing in Country Style. I'm off to buy the mag now so I have a better look. :)

  4. So beautiful!! Congratulations, Cathy. I'm off to see if I can get a copy!

    xo Isa

  5. I have just found your blog and am loving it. I'm putting thre jug on and going to have a read.I love the wood, my neighbours whole house is like that,it has never been painted on the inside, I would love to get my hands on it...

  6. Cathy what a fabulous photo that Jared has taken - wonderful reflection in the morror.
    Such an exciting time for you.
    Oh what a pain with the phone - it's when we can't use them that we realise how much we depend on them. Alison

  7. Oh Cathy, oops about your phone! I accidentally packed mine up in a parcel I was sending to relatives in FNQ last year - what a sillie Millie! I kept ringing it to try & find it. I still have an image of a bewildered Australia Post truck driver sitting in his cabin wondering what on earth was happening in the back - the kids put the music from that TV gangster show The Sopranos on as my ring tone!

    Love the hoop pine - I think the contrast effect is magical.
    Millie ^_^

  8. Love this snap and I am getting so excited to see the whole article. Do you know the rice trick with mobiles?? If you drop your phone in water or any liquid - take the phone apart, battery and sim - and put all in a tub of rice so that it is completely submerged, leave for 6 hours or so. Works half of the time and has saved my life only recently - I dropped my blackberry in a cup of tea! xv

  9. Hi,

    I think that it's wonderful ! I love the brown and white together. The lamp fits in so well.

    Have a lovely week !


  10. I adore your light fitting Cathy!

  11. Hi Cathy
    I have been away in Sydney for a few days for one of my best friend's funeral (she finally lost her battle with cancer). I bought the magazine on the way to the airport and was able to read an article or two whilst I was away. I just loved Cathy's story and the most beautiful and amazing pictures that were captured by the lens of talented Jared. How proud we all are of you. Reading the article gave me such a lift at such a sad time and brought a few smiles to my face. Congratulations to Country Style, on such a well written article and pictures that captured every special part of your home and family. It was also so nice to see a picture of Geoff, the talented hubby behind the talented Cathy. Well done Cathy, what a beautiful article it was ...

  12. i love the juxtaposition of the dark pine with the bright white--love it!!
    the light fixture is absolutley gorgeous!!!!!
    your home is positively dreamy my friend

  13. I hung my 'Napisan'-ed phone on the line in the sun for a day. I couldn't believe that it worked again!... and it has been soaked twice by accident. Love the hoop pine. What a stunning feature... and your light.. perfection. A-M xx

  14. Hi dear Cathy!

    Congratulation soooo very much with the article!! The picture you share are so beautiful, And I specially love the one that you have used for your new banner. It is wonderful light and magical!! Oh I can only imagine how you must be feeling, but I sese a really jouy and excitement over all of this that is happening. No wonder, I would have been so incredible proud. And I am very proud of you!
    Would you hold on to a copy for me? lol
    And how does everything goes with the charms? Did you make any yet, or have you been too busy with the fun stuff :))

    Here we had snow again, phu..not very happy about that, but last niht it started to rain, so I am shure it will dissapeare very soon. We want spring!!

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow friend, you already had your day...well, almost.

    Lots of hugs!

  15. Oh I love it Cathy! This is one of my faves.

  16. oh this is's perfect with the dark old wood & light coming in... and that gorgeous hanging light fixture.

    you do have such a beauiful home.
    congratulations & happy always,

  17. I can see why your husband doesn't want you to paint it! It really is precious. Shanyn xo

  18. Hiyya!
    I've been totally out of energy for a while, so haven't been visiting you...

    You know, that dark wood panelling looks so good! I've noticed that darker wood is making it's way back into our white homes again...

    opening a shop sounds so exciting!
    I hope it works out.
    Love, ingela

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  20. I can see why you husband loves this area in your home. The pines walls are beautiful especially paired with that pretty light.
    Congratulations again the article!


  21. Just thought I'd drop by to say how wonderful the article was in Country Sytle Magazine. I have been waiting (feels like forever) for the magazine to come out since you first mentioned it. Am loving the constrast between the darker timber and the lighter areas. Well done. x

  22. Hi Cahty,
    it's the first time for me to visit your blog(s) very special and lovely! You have such a wonderful home and your designs are gorgeous. A German friend of mine (Melly from Country Homes) is selling some of your Charms - and so I found you... and I love what I see... greetings from BelleBlanc Germany, Mira!


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