Back Home again!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well I am back in my little studio room, which I love....Looking at this gorgeous photo of the ocean ....Kirstie and I spent 2 hours walking yesterday afternoon (about 12 kilometres) and we had so much fun chatting and giggling and taking photos and having our last gelato at our favourite little italian shop... The boys were out fishing and all was good in the world...Back to reality now though and heaps and heaps of charms to be soldered and orders to be filled...I am not ever very motivated when the kids are on school holidays as I just want to spend time with them lol!!!! but only 8 - 12 weeks now till the shop opens so I need to get a little more motivated.....

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  1. Great photo of the ocean and your sweet girl Kirstie. It is wondeful that they are your main priority especially during the school holidays. They grow so quickly and we need to enjoy every moment we have with them

  2. It sounds like a wonderful day :) It's so much you wanna do at the same time when it's summer.

    Continue to enjoy !!


  3. I think I need a holiday. I will have to get some great tips from you where to stay up north. The favourite italian shop and gelati sounds perfetto! YOu must be getting exciting now with the shop opening getting closer. Julie

  4. belle ballade sur ton blog!!
    I love


  5. Delighted you are home, refreshed & ready for 'charm' action Cathy! Thank you dear for your lovely message while I've been unwell. You beautiful kind words meant so much.
    Millie ^_^

  6. Don't feel quilty take moments with your will always be there. It may even make your finished product that much better!
    Happy weekend!!!

  7. Lovely photos from your holidays, the beach is ever so pretty in those colours.

  8. Sounds like a perfect, perfect day, Cathy, and the photos are gorgeous.

    Welcome home, and I'm so excite for you and your shop!!
    xo Isa

  9. Enjoy your time with your children Cathy...gorgeous pic of the ocean...Love to you, Dzintra Ingrid♥x

  10. so glad you had such a lovely break! I know you will be crazy busy, but it's a good crazy busy. So excited for you and the shop.
    xoxo Lidy

  11. yes yes yes, me like & love your blog!

    agneta from sweden


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