Give Away!!!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Well it has been a hard and busy couple of weeks and I have been neglecting blogging a little so thought I would do something nice for you all....Drop by and tell me the top 3 things you like to shop for and I will put you in the draw to win the lastest copy of Australian Country Style magazine....I love the front cover nice ......I will draw it this time next week....

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  1. I like to shop for:

    1. Op shop specials
    2. Tip shop finds
    3. Presents for family

  2. Hi Cathy. Well I like to shop for;
    1. Your Charms [as you know]
    2. Throw cushions to easily and cheaply change my look now and then
    3. Linen ... bed or otherwise

    Now I don't need to be in the draw as I have just been enjoying my own copy of my favourite Australian magazine.

    Have Fun ..... x Julie

  3. Hiya sweetie..

    Gosh..what DON'T I like to shop for :)

    1/ vintage buttons
    2/ a bunch of david austin roses
    3/ antique blue & white milk jugs

    Love n Hugz xxx Tea

  4. Hi Cathy,
    I like to shop for:
    1. Antique napkins
    2. Lavender candles
    3. Old glass jars to use as flower vases

    Best wishes for you new shop!

  5. Hi Cathy,
    I like to shop for:
    1. More of your charms to add to my collection
    2. Vintage table linen - hopefully from the Op Shop to use at home
    3. Old Books with interesting covers and text
    Have a great weekend

  6. Haven't we all been a little aloof when it comes to the blog thing? I have.

    I love to shop for-
    1. anything old and in a neutral palette
    2. vintage linen
    3. blue and white ginger jars

    I also dont need to go into the draw...just wanted to answer.
    have a lovely weekend,
    Ness xx

  7. 1.Your inspiration and love that you show through your pics.
    2.Your love as a mother for your children through your words and pics.
    3.Your personality is so plesant I can honestly say it always makes my start of the day go better.

  8. No dought about it, I love shopping for shippy white things for my home, magazines, and vintage doll cloths.


  9. Hi Cathy

    I really enjoy reading your blog, I love your charms and your style. I wish you all the best for your new venture.

    The 3 things I like to shop for are:

    1. Unique preowned bargains
    2. Interesting pre-owned books
    3. Pretty shoes

  10. How cool! Thanks.

    1. Books
    2. Magazines
    3.Junk (really good stuff tho!) :)


  11. Hi,

    I like to shop for:
    1. Old beautiful things for my home.
    2. Vintage clothes
    3. Things that I get happy over (earrings, presents, flowers and much more)

    Have a lovely weekend !


  12. I love to shop for:
    1) Vintage Chalk Boards
    2)Vintage Paper Party Items
    3)Vintage linens in all shapes and sizes

  13. Hello Cathy. I just love your blog, its very beatiful =)

    What I like to shop for is:
    1) Maileg-bunnies
    2) Magazines
    3) Vintage furnitures

    I hope you will have a nice weekend!
    Hugs from Sweden!

  14. I like to shop for:

    1. Old wicker covered bottles
    2. Dishes
    3. Pottery

    This magazine cover is the ironstone dishes of course!

  15. i love to shop for:
    1. old white ironstone
    2. antique bottles
    and 3. small,old, glass salt and pepper shakers
    i sure wish i was in your area to shop at your new store!

  16. 1. Antiques for my home
    2. Flowers for my garden
    3. Books for my soul

    Have a lovely day! Smiles, Heather

  17. Hi. I'd like to shop books, clothes and jewelery.

  18. I love to shop for:

    1-Art Supplies
    3-stuff for my home

    Tami E.

  19. Let's see sweet Cathy...I love to shop for:
    1. Wonderful old, tattered books that are aged and stained ~
    2. Delicate, antique ecru lace
    3. Bits and bobs with rhinestones...
    Thank you so much sweetie!
    xxoo, Dawn

  20. Hi there!

    Oh, who would´nt want a magazine like that?

    I would like to shop...

    1. Some more of your beautiful carms
    2. Vintage linen, especially white with monograms in white
    3. Porcelain in beautiful creamy white nuances

    Hugs from Carina in Sweden

  21. junk for my house
    fun stuff for my kids
    junk for my house

  22. love to shop for:
    fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables
    books and magazines
    art supplies, CHARMS, and interesting tiles

  23. Nice give away :-)! I hope it's ok to participate even from abroad

    I like to shop for:

    1. vintage linens with white embrodery.
    2. nice magazines and books with
    interior decoration ideas.
    3. presents for my near and dear ones.

    Have a nice weekend!

    Greetings from Anette

  24. Hi Cathy,
    I like to shop for:
    * kitchen enamel in red and blue
    * ribbons and lace
    * bargens at the local triftstore

    Summer-greeting from Holland, Freekje

  25. I like to shop for:

    interior magazines and books
    gorgeus foods and coffee
    strange finds for my home

    all the best from Holland ;)

  26. 1-vintage fabrics, 2- vintage jewellery, 3-flowers

  27. Hello Cathy! I love to shop for old clocks, shaving mirrors and old crusty garden elements. I love your charms as well but I always miss the boat on them!


  28. 1. Thrifted goodies of all kinds
    2. Clothes
    3. Jewellery

  29. Just three...? ;)

    vintage stoneware, chippy wood things, cameras, and clocks

    anything in linen

    really fabulous food when I am inspired to cook big meals!

    bon weekend,

  30. I like to shop for:
    1)fresh, organic, locally grown food - like raspberries, melon, tomatoes, garlic, corn-on-the-cob, potatoes and on and on...
    2)handmade items
    3)sheets/pillowcases/cotton blankets

    and 4) When I find that special something that I know someone I love will love, it just makes me soooo excited:) Christmas/birthdays are hard for me because I always want to give those gifts right away.

  31. I like to shop for (to name but a few things!!;)):
    1. Vintage linens, buttons and lace;
    2. fresh flowers;
    3. books and magazines, both old and new!
    Thanks for this lovely prize! I'd love to read that Australian mag, so please put my name in the hat!

  32. Hi Cathy,

    I love to shop for:
    1)... fresh, organic, locally grown produce
    2)hand-made items

    ... and gifts for people who i love.

  33. Always on the hunt for:
    1. Antique linens, lace
    2. Vintage ephemera, books
    3. Wireware

    Thanks for having a give away! Would love a peek at this magazine!
    P.S. Love your blog!
    Laura :)

  34. 1 Christmas themes (you can never have enough)
    2 Beach decor
    3 Old books, oh the storys they tell

    Enjoy reading your blog and hearing of the latest developments

  35. First of all I have to say I like to be able to shop by myself! Two boys severly inhibit the shopping experience as my favourite shopping destinations are Op shops(unless there is a good and child friendly toy section) and Antique Markets, so I am on the lookie out for 1. Vintage Barkcloth, 2. Vintage Household Linen and
    3.Vintage Luggage to store it all in! There's more of course but they are the Top 3.
    Happy hunting everyone!! :)
    Irene x

  36. I like to shop for:
    1. interesting jewelry components, vintage or new;
    2. art supplies of any stripe; and
    3. shoes that are much too young for me! ;o)

  37. It's so fun to read what otherpeole like to buy!
    My favorites are:
    tarnished silver
    cream colored pottery
    old books

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  38. I like to shop for:

    1. Old and new homewares
    2. Handbags
    3. Little surprises for my children

  39. let's see... My top 3 things to shop for.

    1. candles
    2. home decor type stuff
    3. right now... cute knit dresses but in winter it's cozy sweats.

  40. Hi Cathy...this is just the thing I need to cheer up as we are bogged down with a cold...
    I love to shop!!!!
    3 things would be
    1. books, magazines, pretty notepaper, stationery
    2. Every now and then I get a kick out of buying a DVD/CD
    3. Needlework items, threads, patterns, needful things, fabrics...
    Thank you Cathy...have a lovely week, Love to you...Dzintra Ingrid♥x

  41. Hmm! Hard to narrow it to three but....
    1.Plants for my garden
    3.Auction/garage sale "finds"

  42. Beautiful Give Away!

    I like to shop for:

    1. Linen with embroidery
    2. perfume
    3. Lavander decoretions;)

    lavander greetings

  43. Hello,

    I like to shop for:

    1. Clothes
    2. Anything french & fabulous and
    3. Power tools

    Leeann x

  44. Oh so hard to choose...
    1. Steals on decorative accents for the house
    2. Art/Office supplies
    3. Groceries - I know weird :)


  45. Hi Cathy,

    I love to shop for:

    1. books, books, books
    2. antiques at auction houses
    3. anything duck egg blue

    Hope you are having a better week.

    Shaz x

  46. I love to shop for
    Vintage trims and fabrics
    Vintage buttons
    and anything-vintage white…

    Thanks for asking...


  47. I love to shop for:
    1.anything French
    2. anything white
    3. a great decorating book
    4. yummy soaps
    5. stellar candles

    I'm having a give away too, please stop in and join the fun!
    xoxo friend,

    Lidy {don't put me in the draw either, as I'm so far away}

  48. I love to shop for.....
    1. anything french style
    2.looooove op shopping
    3. have a passion for urns (pot kind), cushions and jewelry (all kind of course)
    i absolutely love your charms and hope to acquire enough to put on a bracelet.
    may your shop be filled to the top with the energy that created the dream....

  49. I adore your blog/shop. I fancy: 1-anything vintage french 2- old apothecary jars 3- vintage grainsacks/feedsacks.
    xo xo angie diehl


    i like to shop for antique cottage stuff

  51. Hello,

    1.Vintage lamps
    2.Bargain interior books
    3. T-shirts with funny mottos

  52. Don't know if you've finished with this giveaway, but I would adore an Australian Home magazine! I look at it online sometimes.

    Things I love to shop for:
    1. Old furniture to sand and paint (or shelves too)
    2. Adore shopping for my garden, little flowers and plants and veggies too.
    3. I search for second hand toys for my little girls (well made & slightly vintage)
    4. I collect white cream jugs, so I always keep my eyes open for them.

    Have a lovely's hot here too. (Southern California 106 degrees and fires).


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