And the winner is.....??????

Monday, August 10, 2009

And the WINNER of the latest Country Style magazine is Vosges Paris.............

Well it was a pretty quiet weekend as my boys headed off to our family farm...We had pre-birthday celebrations for my nearly 16 year old.... She went to the movies with friends Friday night then her best friend slept over and then a date night with her boyfriend Saturday night. I took her to our favourite coffee shop for morning tea yesterday and then she went to Corey's soccer game..I wish I could say I got a lot of work done but I will this week....The shop is getting so close now and still so much to do!!!!!! I hope everyone has a great week....

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  1. Congrats to Vosges Paris!!

    Regards Camilla

  2. Yeahhh Thanks so much for letting me win this special magazine, very generous and kind of you. I am sure I willl enjoy it.
    Thanks again ;)
    Hugs, desiree

  3. Congratulations to Desiree! What a beautiful magazine. My weekend was not as exciting as yours but it was relaxing and I do enjoy those lazy Sundays.

    xx, Michelle

  4. i was thinking about ya'll this weekend & wondered how things were going for little miss almost 16year old!
    the girls go back tomorrow. as much as i do well with getting back in routine, i will miss them!
    sending you hugs sweet friend

  5. Congratulations to the winner !!
    Have a nice week !


  6. Lucky Vosges Paris
    Sounds like a fun weekend

  7. Oh... I just LOVE your blog!!!! have a great day!

  8. j'aime beaucoup ton blog!!!

  9. Congratulations to Vosges Paris...and thank you Cathy♥x


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