Sorry I have been so slack!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Well my friends it just feels like so long since I have been here so I must apologise. So much going on and then school break which was so nice to have the kids home. Anyway we are getting pretty close to the shop being opened now and in one of my mad idea moments I decided it would be cool to have Kirstie's sleigh bed in the shop as a display for our gorgeous Petit Coterie cushions which just arrived from the US from dear sweet Michelle... So Kirstie and I went shopping and we fell in love with this bed...I so wish I could get better photos of her room but the light is really hard in there but this will give you an idea....She chose basically everything herself...She has lovely taste.....Hope you like it......Drop by and say hi I would love to hear from you all.....

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