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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I have been so lucky while blogging to come across some of the most inspirational people...Vicki Archer is one of those people...Her new book French Essence is so, so beautiful and I think you should all put it on your Christmas list if you haven't already bought it...Here are just a few images that put a smile on my face....

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  1. Those images are Christmas list just got a little longer!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous images, Cathy. I have Vicki's first book, and I think I will ask for the new one for Christmas.
    I'm so into text on the walls. I'm about to do some more in my home so the first picture really appeals to me. Thanks for sharing these inspirational pictures. XXXX

  3. I am getting Vicki's new book this weekend with a gift voucher I got for my birthday in September
    She is a inspiration to us all

  4. Fabulous photos, I have put Vicki's book on my list for pere noel :-)

    Leeann x

  5. Yes that book is definitely on my xmas list - i even supplied my hubby with a 30% off voucher for Borders, just to give him the know! Mel xxx


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