a new display at the shop!!!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Well Happy New Year my friends....Just a few photos from a display I set up in the shop this morning....We have these gorgeous little glass jars for sale and I think this would be a nice idea as you know how much I love roses...We have also tied some of our tiny wee charms around the necks of the jars to spell out dream....I think they look pretty sweet!!!!!!! Our gorgeous vintage look cushions are nearly sold out and my dear friend Michelle from the US is working on more for us....Very exciting!!!! My studio room is starting look a little more organised so will take some photos and share soon....Kirstie room is looking amazing so will share that with you as well....

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  1. oh cathy, those glass 'dream' jars with white roses are GORGEOUS!
    you blow me away
    always creating simple yet amazingly beautiful vignettes!
    how i would love to come to your shoppe!!!
    please give kirstie a hug
    i feel dreadfully out of touch but praying your life is wonderful

  2. I love the way you displayed your white roses. Your glass jars are so pretty. Happy New Year!!!
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. Beautiful Cathy. I love the little glass jars especially with the charms around their necks.
    I have bought quite a few of Michelle's cushions and, I bought some of her material by the metre and had a chair covered and it looks great. You have made your shop look wonderful. XXXX

  4. Can't wait to see more! That looks so gorgeous. Sounds like things are going well with the shop - are you open weekends? Mel xxx

  5. Oh what a lovely home you have. Have been visiting your blog for a while and it is fantastic:) looking forward to see more from you! sandra

  6. I have said it before and I say it again I WOULD DO ALMOST ANYTHING TO LIVE A WEE BIT CLOSER TO AUSTRALIA! Then I would visit your shop so often that you would grow tired of me.....

    Hope you and Angela have a huge success with your amazing and beautiful shop in 2010!

    Take care

  7. Looks gorgeous Cathy, but then we really don't expect any less from you!
    Jo x

  8. Looks gorgeous Cathy, but then we don't expect anything less from you!
    Jo x

  9. HI Cathy
    That display looks very sweet with the charms spelling out Dream.. my favourite 'wee' charms.. I have a few now but haven't been particular about the letters so i'm not sure i can spell anything but.. lovely!! hehe

    The little table is adorable too!! so gorgeous... Have fun in your shop!!... xx Julie

  10. Cathy it all looks gorgeous. It was fabulous to call in and see both you and Kirstie and also to add to my 'charm collection'

  11. Hi Cathy. I don't know if you remember me. Carol Bass of A Bird in Hand, Florida, USA. I send my sincerest congratulations to you and your partner. What a lovely shop you two have opened. Many, many good wishes to you both. It is beautiful and a dream come true, I know. Fondly, Carol

  12. You could make anything look gorgeous, I love the little jars with the charms. I am rushing to get you more cushions, you have done such a great job of selling them.
    Hugs to you, Michelle


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