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Friday, February 26, 2010

Well my hard drive on my main computer ceased to exist this week....So I am a bit lost without it and I am not sure how much I have lost yet which is pretty sad...This is photo of my gorgeous boy at the swimming carnival this week...His sister snapped this happy shot...

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  1. A lovely photograph of your son.
    You are obviously soooo proud of him.
    I hope that your computer gets better soon ! XXXX

  2. Hi Cathy...I hope you can sort out your hard drive...and I hope you haven't lost anything!!! Wow, your gorgeous boy is certainly growing up...Hope all is going well at the shop...but I'm sure it is...Dzintra Ingrid♥x

  3. Hey Cathy
    Very sad about your hard drive.. I hope you can salvage some or all of it.. that is really the only thing you don't want to go belly up on a pc...

    Well your boy.. doesn't look like a boy anymore!! he is growing into a young man! The kids look really happy in this photo...

    Good luck with the pc!! xx Julie

  4. Great photo Cathy - my how much he has grown.
    Hope you haven't lost anything on your hard drive - never know your luck.

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