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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Well this is what my studio room looks like now.....I had to basically start from scratch as most of my furniture is in the shop as props....It isn't exactly how I want it yet but it will get there...So need to be more organised.....Week 4 of a very busy term at school for both my cherubs ... School captain duties, basketball and debating but we will get there.... Here is some nice quotes to start your week...

A smile is the light in the window of your face that tells people you're at home. ~Author Unknown

Life is slippery here, take my hand....jacksom brown jnr

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  1. Cathy, your studio is wonderful and to think you're going to improve it'll never want to leave :) I love the quotes, just beautiful!
    Have a super wonderful week!!


  2. The quotes are lovely and the room is so wonderful. Just the way I want it.

    Have a happy Valentine's Day !!


  3. Hi Cathy
    Well I still think it is looking mighty fine!! as is the shop with all your goodies!!

    Have a great day... Valentine's Day if you are celebrating.. I think I quite like the 'Life is Slippery' quote... take care xx Julie

  4. Happy Valentine's Day Cathy! Your studio is beautiful even as it is.



  5. I never get over how beautiful your blog is with all it's white.
    I craft room is appalling compared to how your space looks. Thanks for the inspiration.:)

  6. Looks beautiful and uncluttered. Love the quotes too!

  7. Cathy I am sure you will soon have more in your studio and then they will probably end up in the shop as 'props' too.Loving the 'smiles' quote

  8. Hi Cathy - yes this time of the year certainly is busy. Bring on the Easter break i say! Hope the shop is going well and am definitely up for a road trip there once the weather cools a little. Mel xx

  9. Hello... wow, your picture looks fantastic. Very nice house & furniture. I send you a big hug. Lovelly, Lisa Libelle

  10. Your home and blog are so very beautiful!

  11. This is where the magic happens! So tidy, my own office/studio has envy. :) xo Lidy

  12. Your studio is lovely....a peaceful and serene space. Wonderful quotes to take with me this week...
    :) Laura

  13. How neat your studio is -what a wonderful place to work and think!

    Deirdre G
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