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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Well what a busy, busy time we are having...Our little shop was featured in the June edition of Australian Country Style...A 2 page feature which was beautifully written and photographed...I feel extremely blessed to be part of it. So for all my friends out there I thought I would give away 3 free copies and for those of you that already have it I will send a surprise if you win :). All you have to do is tell me some of your favourite things....Some of my favourite things are snuggling under the covers with Kirstie on a winters night and watching movies, making hot pancakes when the kids come home from school and chatting about their day, going to work with one of my dearest friends and giggling like teenagers all day and talking about anything and everything, reading inspirational blogs and magazines and rearranging furniture.... and the list would go on and its your turn......

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  1. Hi Cathy
    Congratulations my friend.. I finally picked up my copy and wow.. your article looks and reads fantastic... of course!! So well deserved.....

    You know I love this month;s edition so much I bought two copies .. to also send one off to a friend!

    Beautiful article Cathy!!! and a favourite past time? looking out to sea and watching the colours change with the time of day!!

    Have a lovely day and lovely month of June!!! xxx Julie

  2. Hi Cathy, I haven't purchased my June edition yet so will wait & see if I am the luky winner.Congratulations on the article it sounds like a great issue. My favourite things right now would be sitting by our log fireplace with the kids under the blanket and watching TV. Looking around my home and enjoying all my beautiful pieces. Love this time of year with the change in the weather. Sandy x

  3. Hi Cathy!
    Congratulations on being in the magazine!You totally deserve to be there! I would LOVE to have a copy of your article! I adore your charms...and am so happy to have one! Three of my favorite things?....hmmm....looking out at the lake and mountains from our cabin, hunting for treasures at the flea market,preparing a warm delicious meal for family and friends! Thank you for a chance to win! I hope you have a great week!
    Take care, Laura

  4. I picked up my copy today - great article and beautifully photographed.
    My most fave thing is having fun with my kids and lately we have been getting into photography together. They have taken some great shot of our new little puppies :)

  5. How wonderful Cathy, congratulations.
    As for favourite things the list is too long, but I must admit that enjoying the songbirds symphony in the garden after a light refreshing rain is near perfection...
    Susan x

  6. Congrats Cathy! I know your shop must be divine. Some of my favourite things of course are searching for junky treasures, hugs from my grandbabies, and watching a breeze make a curtain dance softly.



  7. my favorite thing right now is going on nature walks with the family! or pretty much anything outside with the family! we don't get that magazine here in our area... would LOVE to see the article on your shop! hope i win!


  8. Congratulations! A few of my favorite things are...a great scented candle, shopping for antiques, turning junk into a treasure, painting furniture, enjoying a home cooked meal, and of course Cathy Penton Charms!

  9. How fun... congratulations.


  10. So many favourite things, besides being with my family, I think being out treasure hunting! I'm having a giveaway too, do pop over for a look

  11. Cathy it was wonderful to see you and Angela featureed in the magazine. The shop is just so gorgeous.
    My favourite things would have to be my evergrowing family - 2 more babies due by christmas, so exciting and rewarding to see them all grow into such sweet treasures

  12. Hi Cathy, havent got my copy yet - will have to get it tomorrow. Or should I wait until I win!!!!

    My favourite thing to do is snuggling up with family at my sisters gorgeous farmhouse property in Gippsland, in front of the outdoor fireplace, watching an old time favourite movie on her outdoor theartre screen. It has to be cold though - it adds to the experience.

    Can't wait to read the article.

  13. Congratulations on the article sweet and dear friend!! I am so delighted for you. Some of my favorite of them is something you mentioned....reading inspirational blogs. Others....curling up with a good book, watching old black and white movies on TV, mystery ones being my favorites, spending time with my DH and phone calls from my sister always bring a smile to my heart and my day. Would love to see the article. Hope you have a blissful and happy day.


  14. Congratulations Cathy. I recently visited your lovely shop for the very first time and can't wait to visit again very soon. I'll have to invest in one of your charms next time.
    Some of my favourite things are fragrances, such as freshly baked bread, roasting coffee beans,your lovely soaps (lemon and orange cinnamon spice)which I bought in your shop. I'm also a fabricaholic and especially love the feel of velvets and silks which I use with threads,laces,ribbons,buttons and beads create crazy quilted pieces.

  15. Hi Cathy...congratulations on the magazine...after reading this post I went the next day and bought myself a copy!!!
    Some of my favourite things are the smell of the ocean...I just love to read books and magazines...of course stitching...and hanging out with my family...Watching the joy on my Daughter's face and learning heaps about life through her disability...I love the look of your shop...have a lovely week and take care...Dzintra♥x

  16. Congratulations on your feature in the magazine. I am so pleased to hear that your shop is doing well Cathy! I haven't bought this months edition yet so I would love the chance to win a copy! xx

  17. Hi Cathy - loved seeing you in Country Style - clever you. Favorites include listening to bird songs as I walk in the morning, fragrant soap, line dried washing, scented candles, kisses from my children, the smell of the sea, beautiful driftwood/shells/beach glass, a good CD playing, us all cocooned safely in the house while winter rages outside, rain on the roof, a good book, cake baking smells..and on it goes. Its all in the noticing.

  18. Hiya dear Cathy..

    So happy you are in that lovely magazine again.. loved the article and the pics.. and yes, i do have a copy, but wanted to say congrats..

    My favourite thing is... Sunday mornings with my darling boys (YES, my Alex is home at the moment).. eating pancakes in our pj's (made by DH) & chatting about everything at a million miles an hour - trying to catch up on 9 months of being apart ...LOL... perfect joy!!!

    Hugz xxx Tea

  19. Not in any particular order:
    Christmas time, spontaneous hugs and kisses from my family, finding my children curled up with a book, makinf my home comfy, welcoming and beautiful.
    Cathy, your shop has been the inspiration for our new home we have just finished building. Thank you for bringing beauty into my world. xCate


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