My daughter - her art!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Well Kirstie is in her last 10 weeks of school..Quiet unbelievable really!!!!! As we speak she is sitting the second day of the biggest exam of her school life!!! So I just thought I would share something that I think is just beautiful of her final art work...The subject is personal......The title generation....The top image is of kirstie is a little petticoat that I wore when I was about 5 that my mum made for me and these are the words she wrote on it are my universe, my shining light my blue butterfly flying through the sky, my romeo my millions of words with beautiful covers and my every breath. When I think of you my mind wonders to the delicate wings of a butterfly. When I think of you my mind wonders to my one and only confidant that is always there. You are the smell of freshly made bread, you are the star that kisses the moon, you are each stitch of a dress and you are the flowers that sway in the breeze. When I think of you I think of the beautiful sky above. When I think of you I know I'm home............ She has used the dress that my mum made me for my wedding and the butterflies are a symbol of us all......I hope you like it :)

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