Rain, rain go away now please!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Taken from my front garden

From my kitchen window
Well what a few weeks it has been for the state of Queensland with flood after flood and today, our area has been severely hit with flash flooding, land slips and sadly loss of lives...Just to think that this time last year we were fighting bush fires and severe drought... We are lucky for our little cottage is safe and sound where we live but just to show you that our tiny creek that hasn't had water in it for a long time has blocked our road 4 times since Christmas... and when you stood at the back door this afternoon you could hear it roaring.....Some of the footage on the news would break your heart with what families must be going through in this extremely hard time... They are all in our thoughts tonight ............

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  1. So sad to hear the news Cathy... I admit I having been keeping up with what is going on and seems each January now Queensland is inundated with rain and flooding..

    I hope it gets better for you and others soon.. xxx Julie

    PS.. I was thinking about popping back up to Noosa for a visit.. perhaps not!

  2. Oh Cathy, hoping all is still ok around your home

  3. Take care and stay safe. It is a tragedy to see what is happening to our wonderful country. Lesley

  4. So glad you are safe. Take care. x

  5. Cathy, I'm thinking of you all...

  6. Its good to hear you are ok, but so so sad to hear of the devastation and heartbreak elsewhere. Hugs to Qld and you. Emma

  7. I hope all is still well with you my dear friend!! I pray each day for the safely and protection of all who live in your area!


  8. Stay safe and everything will turn out okay...faith.


  9. Glad you are Ok Cathy, my sister lives at Summerholm and she has shown me similar pictures, luckily her house is slightly elevated and although a dam burst above her it property the torrent missed her house by probably ten metre which was lucky but other people in her area weren't so. It is very scary stuff and so sad for everyone.


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