Day 3 :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 3 .. 8.12 am (has uni later today) wake my lovely one and tell her only 2 more sleeps :) she looks at the present and has no idea....Today I wanted to read her the little tag - title DREAM....Since you were 5 years old you knew you wanted to be a teacher, to make a difference to inspire... This dream is becoming a reality. Just something little to help with this journey. Your mentor helped me choose them....I am so proud of you .....xxxx.... so I bought her some little books (Jenni Hill her mentor and inspiration said they were some of her favourites for reading to the little ones) to have when she starts teaching... and one especially for her called Guess How Much I LOVE YOU!!!!!

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  1. What a gorgeous gift idea to start her off in her career as a teacher!


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