Day 4 :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

DAY 4... 6.07 am only one more sleep my pretty girl.... Today was sort of about another tradition, always have something new and pretty to wear on your birthday so a little gift voucher from her favourite shop... Tomorrow we will probably get up early as she will want to talk to her boy before he heads off to work (he is away on prac for nursing at the moment and starts at 7 )... She wants pancakes, strawberries and golden syrup for brekkie.... then off for a little shopping and a coffee from coffee, tea and me...Then we will pick up some balloons for the party and her cake (I don't usually get a cake made but they used to have what she calls a celebration cake at school so we ordered one of those lol).... then lunch at the chocolate cottage and a quiet afternoon and then out to tea at 5.30 to a nice little restaurant cafe with her friends... Being a mum is a blessing and I am a truly Blessed mummy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. oh Cathy, one more sleep to go for Kirstie ... sounds like a really beautiful memorable day planned for tomorrow!


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