carnival time - so pretty

Friday, September 16, 2011

Had to go and do a few errands in Toowoomba a couple of days ago so decided to take my little camera...Carnival of Flowers has started and all the parks look so pretty....Yesterday Kirstie and I took a sandwich and sat in the beautiful sun in the park and I did a little paper work while Kirstie finished off a uni assignment...  Still not feeling 100%......but this beautiful sunny weather definitely puts a smile on my face....

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  1. Hi Cathy
    Sorry to hear Kirstie isn't feeling the best.. hopefully fresh spring air will fix that...

    Love the flowers..waiting for spring to really catch on down this way.. but have zillions of flower shots from Normandy to keep me amused..

    Take care.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. Love the pics Cathy. It's a beautiful time of year - plenty of inspiration. Hope you are well gorgeous


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