Help for a friend PLEASE....

Thursday, November 03, 2011

My dear friend Leanne from Tassie just bought this house and HATES the colours....She was wondering if my blogging friends had any ideas for her..... ?????? It is a 1920's Californian Bungalow....

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  1. I personally like the colour of offwhite/oatmeal/greyblue. Have a look at these links to get some ideas on Californian Bungalows.

  2. Hi there we have a lot of bungalows in nz in fact i live in one, i love the light or dark grey with white windows and dark charchol front door and dark or light grey roof depending on which is used on the house.....

  3. Maybe grey and white ??


  4. thanks so much girls for your advice. I was also thinking either light grey with dark grey trim or the off white with a grey blue. It is a difficult one really as there are so many bits and pieces on the front of the house it is hard to know which bits to paint what colour. WE have totally gutted the back part of the house . Thanks once again for your help. Lee.


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