my little space

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

beautiful jeanne oliver aprons that Kirstie and I wore on Christmas day, ceramic tags, vintage ribbon etc

fun art supplies to play with :)

memory board changing all the time....

paper balls, paper bunting, new Jeanne Oliver stock....
Just about to go and do a little baking as it is one of those sorts of days but I was cleaning up my atelier so I thought I would take a few pics... Happy creating, enjoying an art course, doing a little paper work all the fun things I get up to in here......:)

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  1. Hi Cathy, love your little haven of creative space! Love all your photography! Love what you did to the old wardrobe - looks like you took out the glass and removed the door, is that correct? What a lovely display unit it made. What art course are you doing? Sounds like the perfect thing to do in all this rainy weather we are having. Wendy xo


Thank you so much for dropping by......