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Monday, March 05, 2012

March is always a big month....I get older and so does my hubby :) My business has been running for 12 years this month and I just noticed that my blog is celebrating me raving on (hehe) for 5 years today.... I feel extremely blessed to have met so many amazing and truly inspirational people through the world of blogging...It has definitely changed my life on so many levels...so to all my beautiful friends, thank you!!!  Thank you for opening up you hearts and homes to inspire and for dropping by and saying hi...... so to celebrate my 5 years in blog land I am going to have a few giveaways....Something from the lovely
 designer Jeanne Oliver..... a book by Rikke Larsen (it is in danish but the images are exquisite)..... or maybe even 2....and maybe even something new from me :)..... Ok this year I have been keeping a happiness journal.... each day I write something that brings a smile to my face.... and if I am not having a great day I write an inspiration quote instead so.....you need to tell me what bought you happiness today....what little simple joy made you smile..... for me today it was my 6ft 2 boy coming in the back door from school with the biggest smile on his face bending down and kissing my forehead..... so now I am off to bake him chocolate cake :)

and the winners are :) Anci a little piece of jewellery is coming your way... Rebecca and Stripes by the seaside one of the beautiful books from Rikke Larsen and lastly Vicki you have won something from my friend and amazing designer in the US Jeanne Oliver...

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  1. Spending an unexpected day with my husband due to queenslands rain brought me happiness today :) ...congratulations on 5years ox

  2. Congratulations Cathy on a brilliant 5 years blogging.. Happiness for me today was looking out my bedroom window and seeing 'my' mountains bathed in a gorgeous blue light... and... my first cup of green tea!

  3. Congratulations to 5 years bloggning !
    I'm glad today because a good friend come to my work for lunch with me :)


  4. I had a mixed bag today. My happiness was seeing some old friends who I havent seen for about 15years it was so wonderful but unfortunately it was at a funeral of a dear friend. In a way I have to be happy for my friend because he is in a better place free of pain.
    Congratulations on blogging for 5years Ive been a lurker for a long long time.

  5. What a fantastic 5 years of creative inspiration. What made me smile yesterday, took the pup for a walk and she walked on a loose lead most of the way and didn't bark at anyone or anything. She didn't behave at dog obedience last night though :( lol back to being the bottom of the class again

  6. Happiness today was seeing the sun spread its warmth across the ground and seeing nature awake to it.....the cicadas singing their songs loudly and the oak tree playing its soft tune in reply......

  7. You are lovely Cathy ! Happiness today was getting a beautifully hand wrapped issue from your gorgeous self of Jeanne d'Arc magazine and dreaming of lolling about reading it when i get home from work. Congratulations on all your beautiful achievements.
    Melinda xxx

  8. Congratulations on 5 years of blogging my dear friend Cathy! When is your birthday in March?! I think it is either the 9th or 12th???!! Happiness for me today was a sense of relief, a feeling of peace and excitement as I face the future with a new job prospect (yet unknown!). Looking forward to a bit of me time, and yes a bit of creativity, before I embark on another part of my working career!

  9. Hi Cathy - funny that you should write about this anniversary. I have been re-organizing the basement and came across a few of the primitive stitchery patterns that I carried in my booth at the Farmer's Market....hmmm, just a few years ago (:)) and am wearing one of the lovely charms that you make now and that I carry in my petit frommagerie here in Cambridge, Ontario....so what makes me smile? Knowing you, dear friend!

  10. Hello Cathy - Oh - the SUN coming out today lifted my spirits and beckoned me out of the four walls for a walk. The smell of the gum trees was so pungent after all the damp weather. Just to look up and see blue sky was wonderful. Birthday blessings to you today - your blog and designs are a dose of beauty. Barb

  11. Well done Cathy on 5 years blogging - have always loved reading your posts. Today what bought happiness for me was my Mum (age 83) being so excited about my journal quilts which I finished today. I live in New Zealand so took photos and emailed to her - she was so happy to see what I had done! best wishes Rebecca

  12. Goodness, where has that time gone. Happy today knowing my biggest boy is off on another world adventure and that the rest of my family are happily planning our new business venture together -shovelling dirt in my garden also brought a smile to my face - I love autumn gardening!

  13. Goodness.. 5 years.. has it really been that long?? Congratulations my dear friend & may the next 5 be as brilliant as the last :)
    Happiness for me today...
    My beautiful boy called me on skype out of the blue this morning.. just to say he loved me.. and missed me.. and so looking forward to his dad & me coming to see him graduate in May :)
    That was my joy!!
    Hugz xxx Tea


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