Lovely autumns days ......

Sunday, April 01, 2012

It is 4 pm Sunday afternoon in my little studio...It has been another picture perfect day here....Beautiful crisp morning and happy sunny days....I can't believe it is already April.  Breakfast with the ones I love, Kirstie was making easter baskets with the little ones at church this morning and then work...Andrew went to lunch with a dear friend and I did a little easter shopping then came home and had lunch with my very exhausted hubby...He is heading to the US on the 10th for 3 weeks for work but hopefully a little down time as well to explore..... I have finally put a big comfy chair in the corner of my studio room so I can sit and read or write my blog posts in a little comfort....  I am still getting used to my new camera but it is so much fun, the roses in the photo above Kirstie gave me for my birthday.....
Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you can feel it....

- from the movie a walk to remember

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  1. Your studio room seems to be a place with much love and inspiration !
    It's so cosy.


  2. hello my friend
    i always love peeking into your world & seeing your special place!!!
    love you

  3. Your studio room is gorgeous.Looks so cozy.


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