Thanks for all the beautiful memories....

Saturday, September 29, 2012

You left us in the early hours of the morning ten years ago today.... I feel thankful each day for everything you gave us...For planting so many seeds of love in all our hearts...For teaching us to love with an open heart and to not judge...For working hard and for loving each child and to always make them feel special... Mum had 5 children but she was the mother and nanna to so many others in the community.. She never got to travel and do what she would call "anything special" with her life but what she didn't realise was she had touched the lives of so many with her warmth and grace.... As the tears gently roll down my cheeks....thank you so much mum for etching my heart with so many sweet memories, I love you .......

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a lovely tribute

  2. Beautiful photos, lovely words Cathy.

  3. It's a wonderful written letter to a lovely person. She seems to be like my mother.


  4. Thanks for sharing this lovely story of your beautiful mum .. may her memory be kept alive in her children and grandchildren. Thinking of you and sending lots of hugs xxxx

  5. Hi dearest Cathy.. I so love reading about your beautiful mother.. thank you for sharing your sweet memories.. Such a lovely photo of your mum.. you look so much like her xx thinking of you, sweet girl xx Hugz, Tea

  6. Just beautiful words Cathy


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