my beautiful hazel eyed boy ....

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sometimes as a parent you just have moments of pure joy..... Andrew was one of those boys who was bullied quiet heavily when he started high school... it was beyond horrible but with a lot of support from the school and him heading into an advanced program....he has really thrived....I will never forget his grade 5 teacher telling me at a parent teacher interview that you don't need to worry about Andrew he will never be a follower as he doesn't suffer fools easily...  Wise words .... and she really did know him... He is extremely independent, sometimes stubborn but has the warmest heart, he is known as the teddy bear at school because he is always hugging people...He is a little sad today because for a lot of his friends this is the last day of school, one of the negatives about being in an advanced program...
He took a friend to her formal the other night and looked so handsome...I am one blessed mum !!!!!

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  1. Yes, you are :) You have two lovely children.



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