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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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Well unfortunately my body decided it needed some rest in the form of a very nasty strep infection in my throat...I am not at all good at resting, or letting people help me but I am trying to be good...My hubby is away and my hazel eyed boy has so much on at the moment but he has been extremely sweet and has taken very good care of me...  While talking about my gorgeous hazel eyed boy he is shaving all his gorgeous dark brown curls off on the 26th of March for the Leukemia Foundation - shave for a cure....If you have a few spare dollars click on shave for a cure above and it will take you to his page.... He is one of those lovely kids that tries to make a difference and I am very proud of him.  Now that jury duty is over I can concentrate on finding pretty new things for my shop.... New recipes to cook for the autumn days ahead and saving frantically for December.....still need to finish off my tax my poor accountant will have to do it at the last minute again :)  I hope March is treating you well my friends.

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  1. So sorry to hear you have been sick Cathy ... take care of yourself and get better soon xxxx

  2. I hope that you feeling better now ! I think that you have a wonderful son doing that !!



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