Wednesday thoughts - the beauty of old with new

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

As I sit in my 1880's cottage and the beautiful sunlight filters through the very old window in my atelier room, I smile because it is my little world, the world I have lived in now for over 20 years... I think I have made it pretty clear that I love pinterest but I laugh at myself at how picky I am when pinning images....but then on the other hand there is so much beauty out there I feel like I am constantly in a dream start....Just like looking at these stunning bistro chairs...I suppose I think of europe or the different and altered paint colours...I love everything about them....Anyway a little autumn cleaning on the list today, washing down my front verandah while it is sunny, a little mowing and a few orders to post off....My hazel eyed boy is having a well earned sleep on his autumn break from school.....Have a beautiful week everyone .....

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  1. Beautiful photos.
    Happy Wednesday to you & your gorgeous family

  2. Pinterest is amazing! Full of way too much eye candy though.
    Enjoy Autumn sweet Cathy!
    Ness xx

  3. Your world is a lovely and beautiful place !



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