Tuesdays thoughts - My friend Kimberly Taylor's {auction for africa} and a pretty little collage....

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blessed are we that people try and make a difference every day.... My friend Kimberly Taylor is heading to Africa with her incredibly inspirational mum in three weeks to open a  children's home...  You can read more about this beautiful story here.  Kimberly is holding an auction on her blog for the next 2 days to raise much needed funds....You can find the auction HERE.  When my beautiful hazel eyed boy heard about this incredible story he wanted to help too so he has made hundred's of macaroons to raise money and will be sending these ladies over  $600....so if a Sixteen year old can do it the least we can do is go and bid on these gorgeous items.... {I have a bid on the cute little girls dress}

 I also wanted to thank all my facebook friends for all the sweet comments about the collages I do each morning....  There is so much beauty on pinterest {plus a few of my own photos here and there}I love sharing with you all ....
{I dream my paintings, then I paint my dreams - van gogh}

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  1. You are a gift and I feel so blessed to call you friend. Thank you. x

  2. Cathy, What a beautiful post. I will stop by Kimberly's auction as it's for such a good cause. As always I love your photos. You have such a great eye for beauty. xoxo Michelle


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