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Thursday, October 10, 2013

I don't know about you guys but looking at these images takes me to my happy place....It is a bit of a joke in my house but when the conversation gets negative or too intense, I tend to go to my happy place.... I realised pretty early in life that we are on such a precious journey and I think life can be dramatic enough without adding to it so "yes" joke as you will I do spend some time every day in my happy place... Life in my little cottage has and always will be pretty simple.... I enjoy my time with my hazel eyed boy at the kitchen table in the mornings and even when we don't have a lot to say I still love it.... Working away in my studio, putting my clothes on the line, baking, listening to my baby lambs bleat, the neighbours kids playing in the yard are all happy places and the list would go on and on.... So I hope you get some time today to go to your happy place ;)

Vintage my Nina's new book Among Vintage and Friends should be here any day now.....I can't can pre-order it HERE

My family at Christmas 46 years ago.....  I am the little one in the back of the bike.... I will share a little more about my Christmases in the course Creatively Made Home - Home for the holidays....only a few more days before it starts...The image below is some of the homes of my fellow teachers in the course....  What an incredibly talented bunch of woman.
Please join us in this course....  Click on the link below.

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  1. What a sweet and lovely post, dear Cathy!! I love that precious pic of you as a little one! :) Oh, yes, I so agree...we all need "happy places" to venture off to...such a necessity when things get crazy or when we just need a little dose of something more positive! :) Oh, my...I had told myself that I don't need to take this course because I have not finished others I have done...but, with you a part of it...oh, my it keeps calling my name!! :)

  2. beautiful words to go with your lovely photos. thank you for your email today xo

  3. I like your happy place, it's sounds so good. You have the gift to show it in words ! AND lovely photos too !


  4. oh! LOVE that Christmas picture!!!

    m ^..^


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