Our adventure in Europe Part I - Milan

Monday, January 13, 2014

I think everyone dreams about something....Travel has always been high on my list and when my hazel eyed girl was little we always talked about going to Paris when she graduated.... Just the 2 of us at first but then we knew we had to do it as a family....  So in 2010 we adventured to the other side of the world for the first time...and what can I say it changed my heart... It was all those beautiful images from all the movies you watched but even better and people were beyond lovely even though we didn't speak much of their languages.... My beautiful hazel eyed boy graduated in November so now it was his turn to choose where we would venture.... So after a long flight (not really keen on the flying for 26 hours) we arrived in Milan, Italy... We wandered the streets, the weather was very cold but the light was so very pretty... We visited Duomo, the christmas markets and ate at a Pizzeria on our first night and then went to bed to try and quickly get over the jet lag.... Next day we wandered the streets again, through a castle, a flea market and savoured the local hot chocolate that your spoon could nearly stand up in, another yummy dinner and bed as we needed to pick our rental car up early the following morning.... to be continued ......

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  1. Oh Cathy, I can't wait to see ALL your episodes! I have never been to Italy and it is on my wish list for our next overseas holiday. So glad you all had a wonderful holiday despite Geoff's illness. You will have to start planning your next one now! xxx

  2. OH my gosh my daughter and I are going to Italy in June. To Milan for a few days then on to Bellagio for http://jeanneoliverdesigns.com/blog/2013/11/15/the-living-studio-lake-como/
    do you have a hotel recommendation?:) Can't wait to read all your postings!

  3. I think it looks wonderful ! And I want to hear more. I wonder where you have been ??



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