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Sunday, June 08, 2014

I was reminiscing the other day going back through some drawings I did as a teenager...I didn't keep many but this was just a few I did in art at high school.  From my first year in school when I was only 6 I could paint a landscape in acrylics and ink... Our teacher was beyond extraordinary...there was only 19 children at our school so it was more like a large family then a school but he taught us the basics and with encouragement and loads of love we painted to our hearts content... He touched my life and I dreamed of being an art teacher or commercial artist. I missed him so much when I left primary school and as a very shy person high school was definitely not my happy place.  Going from 30 students when I left primary school to 900 at our high school...Art was still my love but when I left school at 16 I couldn't afford to finish a commercial art course ....  I still love creating as you know and I hope that one day I can put a little more of my design and art skills to the test.... Maybe sooner rather then later !!!

“Every day I discover 
more and more 
beautiful things. 
It’s enough to drive one mad. 
I have such a desire 
to do everything,
my head is bursting with it.” 
- claude monet

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  1. Cathy!!! Your Art!!!! You have been hiding this from us for toooo long!!
    Go for it and embrace your talent ... can't wait to see what you get up to next!
    All the best, Wendy xx

  2. This art is incredible! I wish I could draw like that!


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